Beacons of H.I.M. in the Gloom

Beacons of H.I.M. in the Gloom

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Re-bar, Handy Manny, Sunshine, Skidmark, Quaker


Re-bar, Handy Manny, Sunshine, Skidmark, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 30 Degrees, crisp

Lets begin by stating the obvious: (1) Handy is a beast & (2)Running Shoes are required attire. ..  all else is optional; (3) Hulkamania Fridays are Awesome!

As YHC pulled into the Hulk Lot, I noted Handy stretching by the pavilion and Skidmark pulling out of the lot (you heard that right!! Skidmark was pulling out, not in!). While parking YHC notice that YHC’s truck was the only vehicle in the lot, which could mean only one thing and that is Handy ran here from Waterway Palms! He had his illuminated running gear on and didn’t even appear to have broken a sweat! (i.e. Beast!). YHC stepped out of the truck and jokingly ask Handy if Skidmark left because he forgot his shoes . . . sure enough that was the true reason (apparently he drove to the Hulk in his fuzzy bunny slippers)! Next to arrive was Re-bar . . . fit as a fiddle and ready to run! Then Sunshine rolled in expecting to just make it under the gun . . .but had a sigh of relief when informed that we were waiting on Skidmark (#nozolabud). Some stretching was done (not much) as we discussed our route for this morning. Although all PAX had headlamps, Sunshine voiced concern for crossing Route 17 so we decided to run the usual route and stay in the neighborhood.

When we started Sunshine let all PAX know that they did not have to “wait” for him as if he is Clydesdale instead of a Thoroughbred (I know, I know he thinks he a Stallion 🙂 )! By the way, for the rest of the run he was in the lead group with Handy & Re-bar. Skidmark and YHC were in the 2nd tier.

It was a bit colder this a.m. but whats amazing is that as soon as we start running, the mumble chatter commences, and the cold just fades off into the distance like the parking lot lights at the Hulk.

Down Frontage Road for the first 100 yrs then a hard left on to Bob Bell Pathway as we ascend Mt. Zeb. Skidmark informs the PAX that running up and over the bridge straight outta the gate is great way to start! And he always looks forward to the return rise up and over the waterway, too! Lets be honest who doesn’t like a little bridge work!

As we descended Mt. Zeb, we made a 2nd hard left past the Barc Park & the YMCA down Chapin-Epps Drive until we intersected 61st Avenue. At 61st Avenue we made our 3rd hard left until we intersected Marina Parkway. At MP we took a right and ran until the 22.5 minute mark then turned around for the return trip!

Skidmark and YHC held an impromptu book-of-week club meeting and maintained a nice consistent fellowship pace. The Leader Group by this time was out of earshot and almost out of eyesight and were probably discussing how to shave a few more seconds of their PRs.

At the base of Mt. Zeb, YHC let Skidmark know that it was time to kick it up a notch for the home stretch! Skidmark  then let out a guttural groan  and it was off to the races!  Skidmark once again stated how much he loves running up the bridge as I suggested we talk about anything but the bridge as we ascended it! Mt. Zeb was thus conquered once again! At the bottom we sprinted the final 100 yards for our weekly “Big Finish”!!

5 Miles

Announcement: P200 Training Continues (Get your $$ to Hottub ASAP)

Handy prayed us out



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