Bear crawl party on the track!

Bear crawl party on the track!

Workout Date:





Spinaltap, Miss Daisy, Candycane, Castaway ( Plank AOQ), Cyclone, FNG, Rubber, Streaker, Crabbypatty, Hottub (R), Pikachu

The Thang:

I looked at the Q sheet earlier in the month and saw Castaway had thrown me into the mix. Sweet, excited to get to bring the smoke to the men this month. I’ve been posting dealing with their constant Indian runs and getting beat up. Been posting more recently at the Plank. Catapult men have got a solid leader and a solid group of #HIM. I feel like I can spread my wings a little more and spread the love a bit. Gets me to post three different AO’s in a week which is awesome to get to do that. Showed up with five minutes to spare and had about seven, and well we ended up with 11 and an FNG who looked like a Stud out of the gate. No mods needed for the FNG.

One minute warning

Ok let’s go!

Proper Disclaimer, Proper Mission,


15 EA IC, Harry Rockets, Tempo Squats, IW, 10 Merkins and 5 Burpees OYO, 15 EA IC LBAC F,R, Seal Claps, OHC, and paused here for five core principles. 20 SSH IC,

Off to the Track for Indian Run Pikachu style, Told Pax we would line up on outside of track, Bear crawl Indian run and Rubber informed me I’m not the first to do this and apparently super easy. Pax bear crawl and last pax stand up and run to the front until we get through the first curve. Straight away with plank walk Indian run, second curve crawl bear Indian run we did twice, and finished last straight away with Plank walk Indian run.

Off to the stadium stairs, Bear crawl up the stairs, mosey to next set and made an effort to bear crawl down the stairs. A bit risky and ambitious. So we didn’t finish this one. Next stairs, crab walk up the stairs which sounds easy but this sucked. Hold AL Gore waiting on the six.

Once everyone made it to the top time for  10 count solely so I can hear Rubber echo 2 across Myrtle Beach. Pax know what I’m talking about here.

Next, Merkins on the bleachers, left arm up right arm down split between bleachers for 10 four count IC, Switch sides and 10 IC.

Last segment off to the field

Brought the football along, informed the Pax I would throw the ball down the field (ball was extremely wet and no grip) and Pax would run and do 10 Merkins every line and Bear Crawl to the goal line. First throw was 42 yards so 40 Merkins and 58 yards of bear crawl, next throw was 45 yards and 5 burpees every line, and 55 yards of crawl bear. Third throw was 48 yards and did a Jail break and circled up.

Time for some Mary 15 rep max

Pikachu 15 Flutters

Candycane 15 Box Cutters

Castaway 15 LBC

Thanks to rubber for keeping me straight on time for the FNG naming.


Count 11

FNG tells us nothing but heroic things, guys a straight up stud and hero. Military Reservists who kicks ass for fun. Then makes the mistake of telling us he coaches all kinds of sports. So, the name came pretty easy, Soccer Mom. Perfect!

It was an honor to lead today. Typing this up the workout sounds pretty easy but it was nothing but easy today. I didn’t anticipate the workout to be as tough as it was but none of us showed up today to have tea and krimpets. Guys rushed it and had fun today.







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