Beat the Rain/ Bring the Pain

Beat the Rain/ Bring the Pain

Workout Date:





Viagra (R), Malpractice (Rx3), Chicken Little, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

4 Men of Timeshare braved this chilly tuesday morning.  You southern boys need to come up north and enjoy the weather.

Warm Up:

Mosey towards beach and find nice spot near OD Arcade:  SSH x 20IC, IW x 20IC, Tempo Squat x 15 IC, Squat x 15 IC, Mosey over to parking lot lines:

High Knees x 20yds, Butt Kicks x 20yds, Frankensteins x 20yds, Lunges x 20 Yds

Quick warm up and we mosey down boulevard to find a parking deck available.  One we got kicked out of before had a security guard posted at the base so we continue on to the back of Wyndham.  Find a nice Long Sloped incline for 11’s.

11’s- Big Boys on bottom of Hill, Run up to Top, Merkins on Top of Hill, Mosey Down.

After this we Mosey’d to McClean Park  and found a nice spot next to the trees lit up by Christmas Lights.

PAX CHOICE- (1) Pax yells out excersise and runs around baseball field while rest of group completes AMRAP called out excersise

Chicken Little- Hill billy’s

Viagra- Flutter Kicks

Malpractice- American Hammers

We only had a bout 8 mins left at this point so i grab the crew and head back. Indian Run back w/ Malpractice setting the Pace.  Last man drops and completes (1) Burpee and then heads to 2nd place (behind Malpractice)

Get back w/ 1 min to stretch.



Announcements- Freed to Bleed is coming up in FEB.

Christmas Convergence was a blast.

Prayers for all through holidays.


Enjoyed it fellas.




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