Beatdown Beats, Beach & Blocks

Beatdown Beats, Beach & Blocks

Workout Date:





Lamont (Anderson county, NC),Viagra, Manziel, Chicken little, Hall pass

The Thang:

Conditions: Overcast 70’s Excellent

Arrival: 05:35 …On Time

On my heals: Manziel

The anticipation for the beatdown to come brought the 6 Pax to the gloom

3 minute warning

Speaker for the beatdown beats cranked up, Spotify F3 playlist rollin’

All 6 arrived and all warmed up

1 minute warning, stretching done

Time, disclaimer given, all stayed for what they showed up for.

15 x each
LBAC Fwd & Rev
Hillbilly’s thanks to hall pass correction YHC was doing Imperial Walkers, total chaos for the pax! Sidenote: Lamont taught YHC on thursday to put a little bounce in the hillbilly’s,Muy mejor!

-Toy soldier to the end of the parking lot
10 carolina dry docks – sprint back
-Run to end of parking lot
5 burpees – sprint back

Pax removed the blocks from YHC’s truck for future use
but first 20 curls

Hallpass volunteered to carry the Shovel Flag & Pick up the six

Viagra carried the Boom Box

And off to the Beach

Mumble chatter along the way, discussing the tune for the ride curt cobain, shame for anyone to submit to the sad clown syndrome.(#No man left behind #No man left where you found him) None the less, we enjoyed many classics through out the beatdown!

Tide: Perfect, way low, plenty of room for the shell seekers and the PAX

Partner up! Take turns running to the land mark trash receptacle- approx. 30 yards
100 Big Boys
150 Heals to Heaven
200 Squats

Hold plank and recite the 5 core principles of F3
All men 18 & older
Always Free
Peer lead – Rotating fashion
Always Ends in a COT – Circle of trust

Viagra Bonus for the – F3 Mission statement –
F3 exists to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. AYE!

Indian run down the beach swapping the flag to the lead pax
2 blocks down then onto the Avista Garage

Plant the flag
– Guard on duty- safe & secure for the remainder of our stay!
8 floors and the GL for the mathers thats 9 really
Every floor 10 Reps
-Burpees – crowd pleaser
-Dancing bears
-Big boys
-10 count
Down the stairs – safely quickly
Mosey back to the AO
HallPass picked up the 6 a couple times
8 minutes for extra points!
– Block work while 1 pax runs to end of parking lot and back, switch out with anyone till all have completed the run, Pax yells out a block exercise
– Curls
– thrusters
– overhead press
– Kettle bell swings
– Murder Bunnies
– Bent over rows

Line blocks up
2 rounds
-Pax do a merkin and shift do an abyss merkin and on down to end of blocks


Great work by all of these HIM! This workout was inspired by Chicken Little and Viagra
Manziel was about to take his next step for his VQ But Weasel made a last minuter veto to that requesting he wait till Weasel could join us!

Announcements: check slack – Freed to bleed sign up! – Prayers up for the pax away this weekend for the HTL, Headgear and Valvano

Prayers up for Manziel’s wife, health progress praise, Hallpass friend, Chicken little Mil bad rash since last covid shot, YHC’s wife prayers for continued diagnosis of a small lump.

Honor to lead these fine men!

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