Bermuda Triangle of Pain

Bermuda Triangle of Pain

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O’douls, Single barrel, Kiwi (Respect), Pikachu

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Conditions: 83 and pleasantly humid. A nice change.

The #Catapult group has had a good run of healthy guys for a few weeks now. Still plenty of room for anyone who needs a good modifier  to get their life back on track with a great group of men.

I arrived early to get the Bermuda Triangle set up. Pound some wood stakes into the ground, set out a few large station blocks and smaller bricks I scavenged from the construction sites. I thought the bricks would be perfect to punish ourselves with. I got back to the COP and two pax are waiting and a third arrived just before one minute warning. This is it, time to go.

One minute warning (Thanks O’douls for the watch)

Proper F3 Mission and Disclaimer.

Warmup: High-knees 20 IC, The Chinook 15 IC, Imperial Stormkickers 15 IC, Harry Rockets 15 IC, Flutter Kicks 15 IC, Australia Snow Angels (Killer) 10 IC

The circuit will be two Triangles. One small and one large triangle.

The smaller triangle, two stakes in the grass parking lot islands set 60 feet apart with a block 45 feet perpendicular from the wood stakes to create a triangle. First leg Pax will Bear Crawl between stakes in the grass island, once pax arrives at second stake do one Australia Snow Angel, second leg Bear Crawl to block and do two Australian Snow Angels, Bear Crawl back to beginning and do three Australian Snow angels. Australian Snow angels increase with each round ( second and third round will be 4,5,6 then 7,8,9 of the Australian Snow angel) Fourth round we did squats. Note: Bearcrawl can be replaced with lunge walk as stated in beginning.

Second leg of the large triangle is a parking lot tracer. Mosey along each white stripe (40ft), shuffle left (9ft) to next white line and back pedal to beginning of white stripe and shuffle left etc…..Trace the parking lot lines. Repeat until pax reaches other end of parking lot and arrives at the second station. Fourth round we cut parking lot in half due to time.

Second Station there are small bricks waiting for the Pax in the grass. Pax need to grab two bricks, one for each hand and get on knees. Raise bricks to the side, front, overhead clap or overhead press. Pick two and do ten reps of each.

Duckwalk 100ft to the third and final station marked by a block. Pax choice here. Do 15 merkins, (Burpees for a tougher challange) two count flutter kicks, LBCs. Object of the third station is to recover what is sore and prepare for the final leg.

Pax choice of Toy Solider, Lunge Walk, squat walk 100 feet back to beginning of the triangle and repeat the circuit.

6:08 time for a gentle walk back to beginning. A workout on the tougher side but wanted to push a little to prepare for the Rousey 21’s challenge for Catapult.

Circle up and stretch what you need for the last remaining minutes.


Count o Rama 4

Name o Rama

Prayers for Buffet and Unspoken

Announcements 2.0 workouts Tuesday nights @ 6pm.









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