Big Boys -Four corners

Big Boys -Four corners

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Onecall, bling, billboard (respect), Lombardi, disconnect, stewy, hamburglar, Franklin, headgear, karma, varsity, turn & cough, Jingles (respect) (QIC)

The Thang:

it was a balmy 37 degrees this morning. Pax were excited for this epic Q by Jingles!!

arrived at AO to Karma napping in car, hamburglar and disconnect were on pre run!

then slowly the pax started flowing in one at a time except the bromance twins(onecall/bling)

one minute warning was given

disclaimer given unlike at Conway yesterday!!

as we started as usual Varsity came in during SSH -25

imperial walkers- 25

merkins-22  oyo

through the tunnel- 25

lil baby arm circles forward- 25

reverse- 23

air presses- 25

mosy to bridge 25 merkins then a quick 25 big boy sit-ups (with mumble chatter flying high during this)

bear crawl to top bridge then down other side lunge plank wait on all

mosy across street to corner by fountains to explain four corners to start ( of course mumble chatter begin heavy again)

corner 1-  25 merkins

2-  50 jump squats

3-  75 big boy sit ups

4-  100 LBC’s

return start plank wait on pax

round 2 corner 1- 25 lunges

2- 50 plank jacks

3- 75 American hammers

4- 100 side straddle hops

return to start plank wait on pax

mosey to bridge to crab walk to top and lunge down to other side plank wait on all pax

time was close to end so hamburglar was chosen for exercise 15 prisoner squats in cadence

bling chose his favorite of the day 25 Big Boy Sit-ups (of course)

mosey back to lot/ flag

namearama – announcements- prayer request (cheesy’s daughter-) praise hamburglar nephew getting released possibly today from hospital!

as always an honor and privilege to lead!




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