BIG Monday Beatdown at Bombsquad

BIG Monday Beatdown at Bombsquad

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The Thang:

I arrived at the AO at 0520 to get prepared for the beatdown.  As 0530 approached, 7 other HIM had already rolled in.  After the 1-minute warning was called, ERC rolled up with seconds to spare in the usual manner (#muchofficiency).  Much to our surprise, our fearless AOQ rolled up an uncharacteristic 1 minute late to make a strong 10 for BIG Monday.


Pax present (10) – Crankbait (YHC, QIC), Boxcar, Sade, Quaker, Headgear, Skimmer, El Redcardo, Scuba Steve, Rousey, Texas Ranger


Full Disclaimer performed


Traveling Warmup / COP around the AO:

SSH IC x 20

Merkins OYO x 20


IW IC x 20

TTT IC x 20


LBAC IC F x 15, IR x 15

CDD OYO x 20


Merkins OYO x 20

Tempo Squats IC x 20


4 Corner Escalator was performed around the big lot, consisting of the following:

  1. Merkins x 20
  2. Merkins x 20, Squats x 40
  3. Merkins x 20, Squats x 40, American Hammers x 60
  4. Merkins x 20, Squats x 40, American Hammers x 60, SSH x 80
  5. Merkins x 20, Squats x 40, American Hammers x 60
  6. Merkins x 20, Squats x 40
  7. Merkins x 20

Mosey to the snack bar for a round of 11s, consisting of:

  1. Step-ups
  2. Dips

Mosey to the side lot for Quarter Pounders, consisting of:

  1. 25 yard sprint, 25 Merkins (#IsThisTheMerkinChallenge?), mosey back
  2. 50 yard sprint, 50 Carolina Dry Docks (#Headrush)
  3. 75 yard sprint, 75 Mountain Climbers
  4. 100 yard sprint, 100 total reps (25 each merkins, CDD, mtn climbers, SSH)

Mosey back to the virtual shovel flag for everyone’s favorite – Thunderstruck:

  1. Hold 6 inches
  2. 4 count flutter kicks on each “Thunder” (33 total – but it sure does feel like 100)


Time called (0616 – Cobains on the late finish) – All pax are gassed, slightly pissed, and better than when they got up this morning.   Great push by all.  Much sweat was left on the concrete by these men.  As always, honored to lead.


Countorama = 10


Announcements – Sasquatch this weekend (see Quaker), 2.0 workout this Tuesday, Spartan Super this weekend

Prayer requests taken and sent to the SkyQ.




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