Birthday Block Blast

Birthday Block Blast

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ERC, Lombardi (R), Single Barrel (R), Dough Boy, Mona Lisa DR (Lake Norman), Crossstitch (AOQ), Jeter (with an R), Quaker (R), Spinal Tap, Candy Cane Co QIC, Pikachu (Co 3rd FQ) Co- QIC

The Thang:

AO Bombsquad

Conditions: High 50’s and amazing

A couple of weeks ago Crossstitch reached out about this Big Brother/Little Brother Co-Q which is a great idea. I told him One Call EH’d me so he tried to get him out but schedules couldn’t work out so we went to me and Candycane. I did ask him if he really wanted to duo. He said bring it old man. Ok @&$!?@. Lmao. This would also be my Birthday Q as well. 

So last week I was talking to Crossstitch and I ended up HC’ing for the run from early riser as that’s what I did last week and the 3.6 mile run (4 miles with a lap around the AO) doesn’t seem like a daunting task like it used to. So I took a quick run upto the AO to drop a bottle of water off for myself as that is my prize for running to the AO. Pull into the parking lot and Spinal Tap was there, I went over and asked if he was running, he was in just want sure where so he hopped in the truck, as I was going to leave Jeter was there so I looped back around and asked him if he wanted to join in the festivities from early riser. He was in, and it was getting later. I figured Crossstitch was tapping his foot waiting on me by now. So I haul ass down to Early Riser and and of course Quaker and Crossstitch were tapping there phones, I told them I coke bearing gifts but they didn’t care. Quaker told us he brought a flashlight which apparently everyone was excited for but no one but quaker used because he was gone in the first 1/4 mile. I was late and that was all that matters to these guys. Whatever dudes. We take off and boom comes in ERC for the last minute surprise jump on my back. Sweet, six for a pre birthday Q run. I was excited. I did talk to Crossstitch the night before and said my knee was hurting, his response with an exclamation point, No Shame in canceling. Well shoot, I couldn’t cancel now. He was the reason I HC for the run. We all settle in and Crossstitch ditched me which was a huge surprise but my man ERC pulled through and ran with me. Typically no one runs with me from the AO so honestly I’d rather run myself then feel like I’m a beagle chasing a rabbit the whole time. But to be fair i am about 100 pounds heavier than most of these biological runners. I’m a damn moose trying to keep pace with all the gazelles. I do ok but not a runner. Crossstitch claims he circled back to run with us but he had an internal meltdown since we were talking about sports and not quilting or a sweet Crossstitch pattern. Anyway, we make it to the AO with about 5 minutes to spare. Moon was bright for the run so no light was needed anyway Quaker. 

One Minute Warning

Disclaimer and takes up Candycane and how far he’s come in his F3 journey.

15 Ea IC Harry Rocketts (Out of town guy was like WTF) love that reaction and the explanation ensued as to why. Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 20 Ea LBACF,R,Seal Clap, Overhead Clap. SSH

Let’s Go! Mosey to block pile and grab Two cinder blocks, or course two blocks it’s my birthday Q

  1. carry blocks to large parking lot. This was a chore for sole of those gazelles in the group. Like David Chapelle said, Gotcha Bitch. Lmfao.
  2. Partner up. Explanation of events. P1 does the curl, and P2 will push two blocks across the parking lot. Once to the other side mosey back and tag out with your partner. And partner pushes blocks back to starting point can continue until we hit 400.
  3. 200 tricep extensions and Block push.

By now it’s 6:35 and time to switch to Candycane. 

He told me last night on the phone that he would focus on core since he was running the half marathon tomorrow.

  1. P1 LBC for AMRAP P2 Bear Crawl across parking lot and crawl near back.  Two round each. Second round CC did a choice of Bear Crawl or Crawl Bear and mosey back
  2. P1 Windshield Wipers,  P2 Lunge walk and mosey back. Two rounds each
  3. P1 Flutter kicks, P2 mosey down and back. One round each. 
  4. Carry the blocks back. Which was once again a struggle for the gazelles. 

Circle up

Count 11

We actually did the count twice. I swear these guys would almost give up their left nut then count. Wth men. We use the number system. It’s pretty easy. 


Announcements 1st F Challenge

Halloween Convergence at the Plank. Let’s go men.

Prayers Elmer’s family