Birthday Canceled

Birthday Canceled

Workout Date:





BrownBag(R), Weedeater, Jingles(R), Methane, Skidmark, CandyCane, Pikachu, FirstBase, O’Duals, Bubbles, Sleepy(R), Karma, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Clear and Cool.  39 degrees


-1 Minute Warning





-SSH x25

-High Knees x25

-Imperial Walkers x15

-TTT x15

-Windmills x15

-Merkins x22







Mosey to Bridge

Since AOQ, Flash, told me he would be DR and my birthday is canceled, we will celebrate the Angel Birthday of Danny Dietz, USN SEAL who died in AFG during Operation Red Wings.  His last fight was depicted in the movie, Lone Survivor.

Modified Danny Dietz WOD

DOB 1-26-1980 Aurora, CO —-

 KIA 6-28-2005 Kunar AFG

On  a mountain high in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan, in a deadly firefight  with the Taliban, Navy SEAL Danny Dietz refused to quit, even though he  had been hit four times.

Shot in the neck, he fell to the  ground, but recovered to jam a new magazine onto his rifle. When ordered  to fall back, he leaped off a precipice with the rest of his team, hit  the ground, crawled to cover from incoming fire. Half-conscious and  covered in blood, he was still providing covering fire for his team when  he was struck by a fatal bullet. He died on June 28, 2005.

The  steadfast determination that Dietz displayed in that long and brutal  battle earned him the Navy Cross for valor and was evident more than a  decade before, when the Littleton teen turned his life around after  being kicked out of two high schools and landing in court three times.


IndianRun x1Mile (really 1.1 mile lap around the lake)

Merkins x26

Squats x80

Short Recovery Rest

½ Lap around the lake OYO.  Fast and come back for the 6. 

(Next sequence x2 Rounds)

PullUps x6

Squats x28

BBSUs x50

Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of make community leadership.

The 1st F is the Attraction.  The 2nd F is the Glue.  The 3rd F is the TheDynamite.

Broga for 15 minutes.

Announcements:  Special Ruck Q at Warthog next Saturday, Jan 30. 0500-0700 followed by Warthog beatdown.  Freed to Bleed march 2nd.   EH one new PAX each month to help bring F3 to the world and watch our region grow.  GrowRuck…sign up.

Prayers – for Pikachu’s coworker, John Poston and for sick and injured PAX.

Count-o-Rama 13


Thanks to all who came out for my birthday Q.  Great to see the #Catapult crew, Pikachu, soon to be AOQ, O’Duals, CandyCane and First Base come out even though they were expecting loads of burpees!  Thanks to new 2nd F Q, Weedeater for EHing newer PAX, Methane into getting out to the mothership from #BlackBeard (Great work getting around to another AO).  Jingles came back from #TheRepublic for an appearance.  BombSquad/Village made a showing with our Nant’an BrownBag and Skidmark (no you can’t change your name).  And the other #Warthog regulars Bubbles (the only PAX to post WH all three days this week), Sleepy (Didn’t want to be there today but guilt for missing the birthday Q worked) and Karma (#TheOyster AOQ).   Travel the region and meet new PAX, you’ll have a great time!  Sometimes, it might take a while but these guys will grow on you!  Great work today!

Honor to Lead!

-Headgear out!!!!

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