Blackbeard Sweet 16!

Blackbeard Sweet 16!

Workout Date:





Butch (QIC), Soft Shell, Hard Hat, Bodett, SpongeBob, Turd Burglar, Cheesy Biscuit

The Thang:

Conditions: 67F, with a stiff breeze from the southwest. Perfect unless trying to shoot a basketball…

Being my 1-year anniversary of doing F3, I wanted to do something fun, but still have a decent beatdown. With March Madness going on, I thought it would be interesting to incorporate some basketball. Normally we have 20+ PAX at Blackbeard, but due to the storms last night, and predicted rain for the early morning, we only had myself, SoftShell, Hard Hat, and Bodett at the 1-minute warning. Time was called, and the disclaimer was given. A quick warmup was done, and during that time, SpongeBob, Turd Burglar, and Cheesy Biscuit arrived, giving us our Starting 7.




10 Tempo Squats IC

10 Tempo Merkins IC

Let’s Move!

Mosey from the flag to the SE corner of the soccer field, onto Old Kings Hwy, head north, and meet on the basketball court. I pulled a page from Brown Bag’s playbook and got the speaker bumping to some Gary Glitter ( and other arena songs on the playlist for the rest of the workout.

The Thang

We counted it off 1 through 7, and PAX were told to remember their number. The bracket was then shown to the PAX, and the rules were explained. For the Sweet 16 there are 8 matchups. The seed for each exercise is the number of reps everyone has to do. So for the matchup of 1 100 m sprint vs. 16 LBC’s, we did these two exercises as a group. To determine the winner 3 PAX shot one free throw each, starting with PAX 1, then 2, and finally 3. (PAX 4, 5, & 6 were the next matchup… 7, 1, & 2, the following, etc. so everyone got close to equal shots throughout the beatdown). For the individual shooter, if you make your FT you get to raise the roof and celebrate by doing 5 overhead presses, but if you miss it then you owe the group 3 burpees. If all three PAX missed a FT then the underdog (16 LBC’s in the first round would move on). The penalty for all three PAX missing their shot was 5 burpees for the entire group (this happened far too often!). The way a favorite (1 100m sprint in the first round) would advance in the bracket is if any of the PAX made their shot. If 1/3 or 2/3 PAX made their shot, then the group had 5 merkins instead of burpees (We only went 2/3 once). The rules stated if the shooting PAX went 3/3 in a matchup then there was no burpees or merkins for the group, and those 3 PAX got to choose which exercise advanced, but that never happened!

After the first round (eight matchups) we did a 16-8-4-2 Homicide as a group. A Homicide is what we renamed a Suicide earlier in the week. The 16-8-4-2 part means you start on the baseline run to the FT line and back and do 16 reps of an exercise. Then run to half court and back and do 8 reps of the exercise… Opposite FT line and back and do 4 reps…. full court and back and do 2 reps. So 30 reps total.

Our Homicide Exercises were: After the 1st Round – Bobby Hurley’s; 2nd Round – BBSU’s; 3rd Round – Merkins.

After our Sweet 16 matchups and 16-8-4-2 Bobby Hurley Homicide, we were left with the Elite 8: 16 LBCs vs. 9 Shoulder Taps, 12 Lunges vs. 4 Squats (someone finally hit a FT to help a favorite advance), 6 BBSU’s vs. 14 SSH’s, 7 Monkey Humpers vs. 2 8-ct Body Builders. Four favorites and four underdogs advanced, which meant as a group we did 20 Burpees and 20 Merkins between the 1st round matchups.

The Elite 8 matchups and 16-8-4-2 BBSU Homicide were then all completed leaving us with a Final Four of 9 Shoulder Taps vs. 12. Lunges and 14 SSH vs. 7 Monkey Humpers. We had only one favorite in that round move on, which meant as a group we did 15 Burpees and 5 Merkins between the elite eight matchups.

The two Final Four matchups and 16-8-4-2 Merkin Homicide was then completed leaving us with our Championship matchup of 9 Shoulder Taps vs 14 SSH. Someone actually hit a FT in the finals, which meant we only did 5 Merkins, and we had a Champion of SHOULDER TAPS.

To finish off we all lined up on the baseline, and Turd Burglar lead us on a victory lap around the court and back to the flag for the COT.

Final Tally of Reps, not including warmups:

1 100m sprint

4 8-ct Bodybuilders

38 Burpees (add 3 per PAX for every missed shot)

8 Squats

65 Merkins

42 BBSU’s

21 Monkey Humpers

8 Jump Squats

36 Shoulder Taps (R +L =1)

10 Mountain Climbers (R + L =1)

11 Carolina Dry Docks

36 Lunges (R + L = 2)

13 Plank Jacks

56 SSH (4-count, always IC)

15 Flutter Kicks (4 count, IC)

32 LBC’s

30 Bobby Hurley’s.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Announcements, Prayer Requests, Prayer, Fist Bumps

Honor to lead. I want to try to do this again next year, but will change it up and add a few other twists.