Blackbeard’s Revenge Christmas Tree “PAX Choice” challenge

Blackbeard’s Revenge Christmas Tree “PAX Choice” challenge

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf


Heisenberg (Respect), Softshell, Cheezy Biscuit, Papa Smurf

The Thang:

Conditions: After a good soaking yesterday until 0200-0300 this AM, YHC figured it would be quite damp and worked with the driest spots we had. Yep, call me wimpy! Anyway, mid 60’s and misty. Planted the shovel flag at 0445, hit the lights and off into the darkest for Papa’s morning trot. On the way back I run into Softshell as we usually meet in front of the hospital bringing it home.

One minute warning given

Disclaimer given

Wheels up at 0530


The Thang

The morning weinke was formed into a Christmas tree with a “star” topping it off. Starting at the top, we knocked out 10 burpees, which the star represented, working our way down our Christmas tree. On our way down the tree, we had about 10 PAX choice exercises along the limbs and branches, along with another 20-25 complete body exercises Roughly about 30 different exercises working all body parts. Upper body, full body, legs, cardio and core. The wind & rain destroyed my Christmas tree, so Papa wasn’t able to record complete workout. Ask Cheezy, he will tell you everything that we did, honest injun!



Have a very Merry Christmas PAX!

For always leading and leaving no man behind. AYE!

Papa Smurf

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