Blame It On The RAIN

Blame It On The RAIN

Workout Date:





JarJar; Hurler, Old Bay, Beetle Juice; Weasel, Mulch, Burgundy, Tree Bark, Cubby, Viagra, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TimeShare

Conditions: Deluge with Lightning

YHC has been DR for over a week soaking up the sun in OCMD. Although YHC put a shout out to F3 Nation there were no return shouts for a beatdown at the beach so YHC resorted to running the Boardwalk for exercise. Sometimes YHC ran alone other times he ran with family but nothing beats a great WO with my F3GrandStrand brothers! Prior to vacations, YHC signed up to Q TimeShare upon my return, and I was glad I did.  There were a lot of negative forces working against me getting back into it (the long hiatus, the weather, and the comfort of YHC’s own bed) but I was accountable to my fellow PAX, too! The alarm went off early and the ride to TimeShare was lonely but when I arrived there were already 3 trucks in the lot. As I pulled into the AO the first few rain drops hit my windshield. As I geared up the rain came down harder and as I step out onto the blacktop it began to pour. No problem, a little rain never hurt anyone! Then the lightning began streaking & striking; way to close for comfort. I planned on doing a run heavy workout tour of the AO but Mother Nature quickly modified YHC’s plans. There were 5 DR PAX from Fort Mills, Columbia, and Camden and 6 locals who braved the rain. We Circled up for the 1 Minute Warning & Disclaimer then made a jail break to the closest shelter as NMB was deluged by the storm. Rain or Shine the show must go on and the work began!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer as the Rain came down

Sprint to Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs Front Porch for some cover from the storm

COP: 20 SSH IC; 10 Burpees OYO; 20 Imperial Walkers IC; 10 Burpees OYO; 20 Hillbillies IC; 10 Burpees OYO; 20 Tempo Squats IC; 10 Burpees OYO; 22 Merkins; 10 Burpees OYO; 20 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 10 Burpees OYO; Recite 5 Core Principles; 20 LBAC in Reverse IC; Recite F3 Mission Statement; 10 Burpees OYO; 10 Burpees OYO

Total Burpees: 80

NOTE: YHC was rusty and could not remember TTT, Windmills, or Mountain Climbers . . .YHC wanted to get   Burpee Count up to 100, Oh well. . .

NOTE: Nathan’s front porch gave us little cover from the storm. The rain blew in from every side and we were doing burpees in 2 inches of water. Everyone was completely drenched!

The rain seemed to lighten up just a little so it was time to find a larger venue!

Follow the Leader Mosey to Parking Garage

NOTE: NMB has poor drainage and we were running through flooded streets, ankle deep! The first Parking Garage we came to was a “no go” , “they don’t like us using this one” so the mosey continued. YHC had a second Garage in his sights just down the street which was F3 friendly, but then there was a large lighting strike just ahead of us and YHC quickly turned into the next available parking deck. Once out of the rain and having all PAX accounted for we circled up.


Ring of Fire: PAX #1 leads Flutter Kicks 2 Reps IC (4ct); then PAX #2 leads Flutter Kicks for 4 Reps IC (4ct); then PAX #3 leads of 6 Reps IC; PAX #4 leads for 8 reps IC . . .so on and so on until Pax#11 leads Flutter Kicks for 20 reps IC (4ct)

Total Flutter Kicks (4ct) IC – 110 Reps

NOTE: YHC initially stated that each PAX would be able to choose a Exercise once we finished the 1st Ring of Fire, HOWEVER, 1 Ring of Fire was plenty !!!

10 Count

11’s Supersized: 1 BBS on west side of Parking Garage . . .mosey to middle of Parking Garage for 10 Merkins  . . . mosey to west end of Parking Garage for 1 BBS . . .then 2 BBS on west side . . . mosey to middle for 9 Merkins . . . mosey to east side for 2 BBS. . . then 3 BBS on east side . . . mosey to middle for 8 Merkins . . . mosey to west side for 3 BBS . . etc, etc . . . until 10 BBS on west side . . . mosey to middle for 1 Merkin . . . mosey to east side for 10 BBS

Plank on the six

10 Count

Indian Run back to Shovel Flag

Circle up for 10 Burpees OYO #CrowdPleaser

Mary: 15 Hello Dolly IC; 15 Box Cutters IC; 15 Freddy Mercury’s IC

Time Called


Announcements: Get on the Q sheet; CSUP events for end of this month (Saturday 27th): (1) Spartan Super in Asheville (see Rousey for details), (2) “The Sasquatch” in Greenvillle, NC (see Quaker or Hottub for details); F3 Decathlon in Columbia (contact JarJar for details)

Prayers: Weasel’s friend’s family (mother, father, and one child past away earlier this week in car accident) funeral this coming week. Pray for surviving siblings and family & friends. General prayers spoken and unspoken.

Prayer: YHC led us out in prayer

Moleskin: Honor to lead this morning! Sometimes the best laid plans need to be modified. Great push by all PAX especially Mulch who not only got to experience a Burpee Heavy Beatdown for his 2nd day but also got to enjoy the wrath of Mother Nature to boot!! #BlameItOnTheRain



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