Block by Block to the Parking deck we go

Block by Block to the Parking deck we go

Workout Date:





Candycane Pikachu QIC

The Thang:

AO: Timeshare

Conditions Perfect

So about five weeks ago I decided to make the Saturday commitment to workout. I was running Saturday mornings but the summer heat was too much so F3 Saturday’s here I come. I  am signed up to Q later in the month at timeshare but Weasel and I had discussed swapping Q’s last weekend for the following Tuesday and well hurricane Isa… hit. I had a workout prepared and decided I wanted to use it sooner than later. Plus with the AO Challenge going on I’m trying to hit all AO’s as the Challenge was intended for. Lead by example is the best way and that’s what Im trying to do.. (The men of #Catapult my regular posting home and the AOQ for have embraced the AO challenge, great job men). Typically there are one or two DR pax you get to meet at Timeshare but to my surprise no DR either. I’ve already meet some great guys from other regions. I get there 10 minutes early no one is there, look at my watch and 1 minute warning and well no one shows up. Good thing I brought Candycane or this workout, or it would have been a solo. Even Hambuglar gets more pax to show up at his workouts. Now I’ve got to bring my own guys to workout with. Oh well, great points day for #Catapult!

Proper disclaimer


15 Harry Rockets IC, 15 IW IC 15TS IC, 15 The Chinook IC, 20 Grady Corn IC 20 SSH IC

And we’re off

1) Mosey to corner of Hillside Dr and 1st ave.  10 Left arm wide then right arm wide Merkins. Five each side.

2) corner Hillside &  2nd ave N 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps

3) corner Hillside and 3rd ave N 30 2ct flutters

4) corner Hillside and 4th Ave N 40 Squats.

Now that are legs are loose time to mosey to the top of the Parking Garage.

5) Once at top Bear Crawl Merkin down the Ramp and Bear Merkin back up the ramp.

6) Side plank walk down the Incline Ramp then, Side plank walk back up incline

7) Crab Walk down the ramp and crab walk back up the ramp.

8) Back down the garage and off to the corner of Ocean Blvd and 4th ave for 40 Calf Raise

9) mosey to Ocean Blvd and 3rd Ave  for 30 2ct LBC

10) mosey to Ocean Blvd and 2nd Ave for 20 Carolina Dry Docks

11) mosey to Ocean Blvd and 1st Ave for 10 Australian Snow angels and 10 snow angles just for fun.

Decent amount of time left, Indian Run was the original plan and hard to Indian run with two pax when one pax is awesome at running and it’s not me. So mosey down Ocean Blvd to 4th Ave down to the Ocean, mosey on the beach and mosey back to the AO shovel flag. Good strong mosey there and a beautiful sight.

Still got a few minutes left so rectangle up (can’t circle up with two guys) for some Mary

Pikachu 10 Crunchy Frog IC

Candycane 10 Rubber Kicks IC

Pikachu 10 Freddie Mercury IC

Candycane 10 Boxcutters IC

Two minutes of OYO stretching




Announcements: Freedtobleed, AO Challange, get out there and post at different AO’s. There’s allot of great men of F3 to workout with, when they show up that is.

Prayers, Kiwi continued prayers Unspoken

Note going to lie I was a bit irritated this am when absolutely no one else showed up but it’s not about me and I have no idea what other men are going through so I really don’t have the right to be irritated. So I quickly got over it and knew that a good workout was going to take place and who can get irritated when you can workout and see the Ocean!





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  1. Sorry to have missed that workout. Had I known it was a no show I would have forced myself to be there. Been there done that. Experienced that frustration on more than one occasion. Hey, You got better. We didn’t. Thanks for stepping up. Good Work!

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