Block free Bombsquad

Block free Bombsquad

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O’douls, First Base, Single Barrel, Beefstake, Karma, Flyover, Candycane, Pikachu (CP AOQ) QIC

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AO: Bombsquad

Conditions: 28 degrees, no wind but sure was cold.

My second Q this week so I had to come up with something good. Wanted to make sure Pax got their Saturday monies worth at Bombsquad. And look at that, my buddy Karma showed up today. Heck yeah, that’s awesome! And reading the nice compliment from Spork this week, the pressure was on to keep that trend going. So I come up with my list of exercises, list what I wanted to do and didn’t have a solid plan of how to put it all together. I knew what I wanted to do, just not where the puzzle pieces would fit. Oh well, it’s 5:59 and well it’s time to make it happen. I figured it would all come together once I got moving. I knew the main plan was to keep moving and don’t stop! A high energy workout that kept the body moving and we didn’t get cold.

One Minute Warning

Proper Disclaimer


Of course we started with 15 Harry Rockets. Pax are starting to roll their eyes at this one. Oh well, it has become my signature starting movement. Partially because Pax seem to really dis like it and partially it’s actually a good leg movement.

15 Tempo Squats, HB, LBACF, R, Seal Claps, The Chinook, IW IC and 20 SSH as I repeatedly say I don’t believe in starting a warm up with a jolting action. I feel the body needs a gradual warm up.

Lets go, mosey to the first corner of the church parking lot/entrance and let’s do 22 sand Humpers. The pikachu invention at Timeshare completed in the sand. Told the Pax we will randomly stop and complete 22 of these throughout out mosey.

Segment 1) Get in Plank position slightly bend the elbows and push back and forth. Literally looks like you are humping the ground around you.

Mosey along the Carolina Forest Blvd and stop on the Multi use path and 22 more, mosey to Avalon 22, mosey back to parking lot, 22, next corner of parking lot 22, next corner 22, mosey  past concession to parking lot 22 more, corner of parking lot behind church 22 more, back to beginning past shovel flag and 22 more. 198 Sand Humpers with a mosey, these will burn your  quads up.

Segment 2) Mosey to parking lot and split it in half the long way and facing the church. Partner up and proved to be a challenge because YHC was being a bit too hard headed to understand who my partner was. That was painful for the pax to watch. Tried a new exercise combo and well didn’t work. Flutter mixed with a Freddie. Nope, un-successful so we did 300 4 count Flutters. While partner 2 did a parking lot tracer with a mosey back once to the end.

Segment 3) Line up along fence, and I told pax I would keep my same partner who was Single Barrel since my ability to understand partners was non existent today.

In plank position, shoulder taps two count into a knee tap two count. So a four count exercise. Shoulder tap into a knee tap for one rep. I stared with 200 total but I quickly realized who hard these were going to be and cut I back to 100. Partner 2 bear crawl to first parking lot line and back. This is a simple exercise that will smoke you mixed with a bear crawl.

Segment 4) Since I beat up on the Pax pretty hard at this point we had about 15 minutes left I went for a nice finish with 11’s. LBCs and Squats. Still keeping the high energy pace up with an easy OYO finish.

Back to the Shovel Flag, circle up we’ve still got three minutes left for some Mary

Beefstake: 10 each side of Pretzel Crunch IC

Karm 3o Flutters IC, apparently 300 wasn’t enough. 😂

Flyover 5 burpees. Ugh I didn’t lay the ground rules that Mary is an AB EXERCISE! Burpees are a full body exercise not just for abs. Oh well


Count-o-Rama 8



BS AOQ hand off February 15 to Beefstake

Catapult 2yr Anniversary celebrated on 2/18 but it’s actually 2/19/2019.

Catapult AOQ handoff February 25 to O’douls and O’douls Birthday Q.

Freed to bleed March 2, GR22,

Prayers: coworkers and family members struggling with Covid and deaths for Covid.

Honor to Lead and had allot of fun today.




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