Blockee, Burpee Jamboree

Blockee, Burpee Jamboree

Workout Date:





Beefstake, Candycane, Crabs, First Base, O’douls, Pikachu QIC

The Thang:

AO: Bombsquad

Conditions: Slighty Humid with a side of Heat, haha yeah right.

So I sat down last night to write up my Q for today and had to scratch a few thoughts, if I did my original idea, yeah that could have been a problem. I’ve got some crazy things I think up but then quickly realize I actually need to do them as well. So I scaled back the workout and this is what I came up with.

1 minute warning

Proper Disclaimer

15 EA IC, Harry Rockets,  Tempo Squats, IW, LBAC, F ( here I actually forgot to count the cadence) oops, R, 20 SSH. I was eager to get this one going.

1) Had the Pax line up for an Indian Run, except before you run, you do a Burpee. So not only do you do a burpee but now you’ve got to catch up with the group and get to the front. This was super fun. I think the Pax were onto me after this one. Came strong right out of the gate. One lap around the AO and back to the Block Pile.

Everyone grab a large block and line up just past the corner of the parking lot. and partner up.

2) Place blocks vertically, hands on blocks, steady body on right arm and pull block up with left arm, and switch arms. Same thing each Arm. No count, AMRAP. P2 mosey to farthest white fence. 3 Rounds Each person.

3) Grab blocks and off to the wall at the  back of the church. Wall sit while holding block overhead. For some extra challenge, hold one leg up for 5 seconds then hold the opposite leg up. P2 Mosey to furthest white fence. 3 Rounds each person.

4) Grab blocks and off to entry way of concession. Started with an around the body block thing but just wasn’t doing it so I swapped for Bent Over Rows. P2 Mosey to concession bldg. 3 Rounds each person

Main Event

5)Bear Crawl Block Drag Blockees suicides. Lose the partners and OYO. Start with a Blockee, Bear Crawl Block Drag up to the next parking lot line. Then mosey back to the beginning. We did this until we got the other side of the parking lot. Roughly 14-15 lines. And for fun, 14 burpees at the end.

Mosey, walk, drag block back to pile. We still have 10 minutes left. Awesome

Off to the field. Line up at roughly the 50 yard line. Do a burpee, then do a four count Bear crawl and do another Burpee until the five minutes are up. Most of us got to the fence but of course Candycane went to the fence and back to the 50 and Beefstake wasn’t that far behind Candycane. I was smoked when I got to the fence.

Mosey back to the shovel flag. Circle up for three minutes of stretching thanks to Beefstake

Time! Thank goodness I had nothing left.

Good work today by all men. These guys pushed hard and had some modifications throughout the workout but that’s what it’s all about. Stay healthy and keep coming back.






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