Body by Weasel

Body by Weasel

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Viagra (Respect), Slaughter (Nation COO), Quicksand, Sharkbait (DR from Raleigh), Fletch (Respect, DR from Greensboro), Pikachu, Long Duck (Respect, DR from Fort Mill), Honey Dont (Respect), Cubby, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

After a late night request from FLOP, YHC manned up and was able to fill in for him since he had bigger and better things to do down on the south end.  Let me start by saying that i have been to many AO’s between here, Charlotte, Raleigh and Wilmington and Timeshare is still by far the most Flexible and Accommodating for anything you want to do.  IF you don’t believe me, get up here and POST and see for your self.

It is approximately 72 Degrees with 1000000% Humidity.

At 6:30 on the dot i pulled in ready to rock, funny story i forgot i took over the q and had to turn around and grab my beat sticks but I WAS NOT LATE.  Quick Disclaimer and let the fun begin.


COP-  SSH x 20, 5 Merkins OYO, IW x 20, 5 Merkins OYO, TTT x 15, 5 Merkins OYO, GM’s x 15, 5 Merkins OYO then had everyone line up at the end of the parking lot:

High Knees x 25 Yds – Ass Kickers Back

Lunge Walk x 25 Yds- Frankenstein Back

80% Sprint to the back of Weasel’s Truck

Grab a Beat Stick out the back of the truck, as luck would have it we had 10 pax show up and i had 10 sticks, PERFECTION!  We take off and mosey down hill st. to 4th ave S and head to the public parking lot next to the Vista.


ROUND 1:  25 Curls for Gurls, Yoke Walk 25 yds, 25 Squats, Yoke Walk 25 Yards = $100

After 1st Set we ran to parking deck and up to top-  job straights and Sprint the ramps!  not to many straights though.. haha  After everyone made it to the top took a deep breath and mosey’d back down the start..

ROUND 2:  25 Sumo Squats, Yoke Walk 25 Yds, 25 OHP, Yoke Walk 25 yards = ANOTHER $100

This time since everyone enjoyed the last round i decided to change it up, this time we took the stairs… After a very HOT and HUMID stair Climb Everyone was at the top.  PAX choice on each deck back down-

(8) Cubby- Alternating Shoulder Taps x 8 IC

(7) Pikachu- Frog Somethings (Sorry i Forgot)- x 7 IC

(6) Fletch- HillBillies x 15IC

(5) Long Duck- American Hammers x Maybe 12? everyone kind of messed up his tempo

(4) Sharkbait- Prisoner Merkins or something weird like that- Don’t want to talk about it.

(3) Slaughter- Squat Thrust x 19

(2) Quicksand- Protractor

(1) Honey Dont- 25 LBC’s OYO

After we made it to the bottom we headed back to the sticks….  Indian Run to Porto Johns and stop for 20 second RELIEF Drop Off, Then head to beach.  We kept with the Indian run back to main street but we were losing pax along the way so we circles up at the main st. beach access for a quick 10 count.  We take off again and head back to the AO putting our “Pace Setters” in the front.  Once we get back to the AO we put the sticks back in my truck and line up at the end of the parking lot.

Since Pikachu talked about how much he loved bear crawls earlier i decided to throw them in at the end…  Bear Crawl across parking lot stopping at each line and completing 5 Merkins OYO.  Hurry up fellas circle up 3 Mins Remaining!

American Hammers- x 15 IC

LBC’s x 15IC

Almost had enough time for Monkey Humpers- but TIME!!!

Great work by all, Honor to Lead!

Announcements- FREED TO BLEED, New Catapult Shirt Coming out, AOQ Challenge

Prayer Requests- None (I forgot to ask and now i feel terrible)  Quicksand let us out in Prayer.


2nd F-   Coffeteria at DUCK DONUTS was a bust the line was around the corner at 745.  We made a quick change and went to the bagel factory which was SO-SO on the coffee.


Thanks Fellas- Weasel




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