Breakin All The Rules!

Breakin All The Rules!

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Penelope, Lombardi, Bling, Valvano and OneCall

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 60s.  Almost time to move #Beachbells (BB) to its outdoor warm weather spot and show off our swoleness to onlookers who might be at Market Commons at 0515!

Equipment: Kettle Bell (KB); weights: 1 40 lb., 1 50 lb. and a 40 lb. rucker.  We were a little light on KBs since they were spread out among other Pax.

For posterity sake, we are in a global pandemic of the COVID-19 Corona Virus (CV)…and its Friday the 13th…and YHC may have hemorrhoids — you determine which is worse.  Nonetheless, glad to be out with the F3 brothers this morning slinging lead #gettingbetter…and with 6 #HIM present and only 3 coupons, YHC audibled and went with a back up WOD that went like this…

Abbreviated welcome to F3 & disclaimer, and then a Pax choice of warm up.

SEGMENT 1: 3 Rounds (1 minute of exercise/AMRAP w/ 20 seconds of rest/transition) of the following exercises:

  1. Big Boy Sit Ups (BBSU).  Strict form, but unfortunately without an anchor.  Since we had 6 Pax and 5 stations (my WOD on my phone only works for 5), Lomabardi partnered up with YHC throughout and we held each others feet during sets of 10 (Rule 1 of F3 CV suggested protocol broken w/ partner work).
  2. Traditional KB swing w/ 50 lb. bell.  Lombardi and YHC swapped out at 10 swings while the other did Merkins.
  3. 321 Manmaker compound movement (CM) w/ 40 lb. bell (3 staggered Merkins, 2 Rows, and 1 Clean & Press or Snatch).  Lombardi and YHC swapped out at 1 CM per side while the other did air Squats.
  4. Flutterkicks.
  5. Bear crawl w/ or w/o ruck.  Lombardi had the ruck on round 2 and YHC did 1 & 3.

SEGMENT 2: Pax paired up; 1 did 3o swings of available coupon while the other held a Wall-sit (lets smoke those legs) then swap out.  2 more rounds so that each pair used a coupon of different weights and type for ex. 30 swings with the 40 lb. rucker is a bit more difficult due to its unwieldiness than the 40 lb. bell (however, rule 2 of F3 CV P broken w/ swapping coupons…crap).

SEGMENT 3: Pax pair up again and each pair does 50 BBSU (or an agreed upon modifier) with partner anchoring the feet (yep…rules broken again…sorry…not purposely planned this way).  One pair decided to take their relationship to the next level…by partner assisted deep stretching…complete w/ coital sounds and clearly breaking F3 CV P (YHC not liable and tried to look away).

And on YHC’s playlist was Ozzy Osbourne’s “Breakin all the rules”…so there…obviously YHC unfit for further Qs in these dark days.

Cool down and stretch.


Count-O-Rama 6
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand (GS) regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information. Plenty of 1st F (3/21 Rugged Maniac in Charleston, 4/4 Spartan in Charlotte, possibly a 4/4 GRL in Charlotte, and Dragonboat Race at MC in April.); 2nd F (ex. lunches and Pax/M outings) and 3rd F (2 Q-sources) opportunities and events throughout the GS region.  Get plugged in!  You get out of it, what you put in!

NMMS: Enjoyed working out with these studs today…thanks for going with plan B…and all pushing to the end!  KB training is a great way to build cardio, functional strength and push/pull strength bringing benefits to all other activities!  Give #BB a try next Friday!!

NMMS2: YHC is taking COVID-19 seriously (really), but am trying not to give in to the fervor and hysteria.  Be smart and be a virtuous leader.  I read a great suggestion in that (and I am paraphrasing) lets use the strength/cardio/stamina F3 has helped us build and make ourselves available to the elderly & other susceptible groups and offer to pick up their groceries, get medicines or other necessary tasks!

NMMS3: In our modified BOM (we got that right…thanks OneCall), YHC mentioned to the group about a Ransomed Heart ministry podcast called “Anchored in Jello” using clever word pictures, stories, observations and scriptures challenging the listeners as to where they are anchoring their “hope”.  Without hope, life is hardly worth living and often times we are anchored to the wrong things…the temporary…that ultimately fails and leaves us wrecked.  Anchor your hope (as a Christ follower) to what heaven will be like where all things will be made new (2 Cor. 5:17) and is so awesome that the Apostle Paul (1 Cor. 2:9 and 2 Cor. 12:4) couldn’t articulate its awesomeness.  I can put up with the COVID-19 and more crap a little better knowing heaven is promised to me, designed for me and was plan for the believer all along.



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