Brick & Boobays- one in the same

Brick & Boobays- one in the same

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Geno, Lombardi, Jingles, Billboard, Handrail, Crab cake (Fort Mill), Boobays (FNG Fort Mill) Bling

The Thang:

Warthog….on the cusp of a 3 year Anniversary this Saturday (and where everyone will be), always a pleasure to get out to the “OG” for a beatdown.  Threw the gauntlet down for a quick pre-ruck- that NO ONE responded to.  Finally my boy Lombardi HC’d and we had our 2.  #ironflagismine.

weather- 74, perfect morning.  3 miles on the ruck, thanks to 1 lap on the track and picking up Billboard who was sitting in his truck listening to Tony Robbins and pondering his life choices.

back at the flag- waiting the arrival of all the usual suspects for Warthog….but to my surprise, we had both Handrail and Jingles pull in (wondering if they were in the right place and asking for donuts??).  Great to have them back out and ready to roll.  Noticed 2 new faces strolling in- awesome to have both Crabcake (Fort Mill via Maryland) and “Brick” also from Fort Mill.  And so begins the struggle for me (and the other PAX who thought Brick was his F3 name). Turns out, after having CrabCake explain, that Brick was his REAL name!  Funny stuff, I asked the PAX to think of a funny name for this FNG as we circled the flag.

Disclaimer given, lets roll.  Worked in a few of the fun from my Republic Q yesterday, other than that- this Q was on the “Fly”. Mosey over the bridge.

22 Merkins IC #22Kills

30 sec plank


30 sec plank

20 IM IC

30 sec plank


30 sec plank

20 tempo squat IC

30 sec plank

mosey to the fountain in Valor park- circle up again


30 sec 6” hold

20 Overhead claps IC

30 sec 6” hold

15 arm circles front & back

30 sec 6” hold

20 Shoulder presses IC

30 sec 6” hold

mosey to the parking garage (movie theater)

Circuit work!  5 jump squats at the bottom of the ramp- run to top for 5 merkins, then run down the stairs for 5 flutter kicks (4 count), then run back to start.  then 4 of each, 3,2,1.  Awesome work with the incline and stairs.

walk/recover to the front of movie theater- 0550 on the timer!  20 step ups IC on the benches.  onto the street- run backwards to Barnes and Noble, then turn and run to the light at PF Changs- circle up

3 rounds of 6”/legs spread/head off concrete.  grumbles and complaints heard.  0605- mosey back to flag where my sandbag was eagerly waiting…….

same circuit as the Village Q last week and Republic yesterday.  circle up for 10 calf raises with the 46 pound bag- then give to next in line.  80 calf raises.  then shoulder presses- 80 total until TIME

sweating, I turned off the tunes (1981 rock hits) and prepared for our FNG/prayers.  Brick Oltman, out of Fort Mill works in tires (Rubber already taken) and loves UNC.  Just like Valvano, I came up with “Coach K”. He seemed pissed, so we went another route.  His BFF Crabcake told us his boat is named “Boobays”, I assume twang for that female body part.  So let it be done and written in stone/brick- Boobays is our FNG.

prayers given, announcements made, fun had by all with the Chatter/Geno.


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