Bring on May Beatdown

Bring on May Beatdown

Workout Date:



O'Douls *(AOQ)


Killington, First Base, Hojo, Hedgehog, Candy Cane, Pikachu, Bikini Wax, Sprinkles, Early Bird

The Thang:

Conditions– Low 70s and Humid/Wet

YHC headed down to Catapult with the anticipation of a decent turnout as there was lots of mumble chatter on group text last night and some solid numbers being posted at Catapult as of late. Earlybird was the “earlybird” in the parking lot as I arrived.

Gave the one minute warning and circled-up to start the COP.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given.

The music was extremely loud and some struggles with the candence and count in the COT, but worth it, because it brought some good laughs and mumble chatter to get the COP started off right.


20- SSHs, nope I mean, Hairy  Rockettes IC

20-  SSHs IC

10- Monkey Humpers

20- TTTs IC

15- Hillbillies

15- Monkey Humpers

15- LBACs IC

15- LBACs in Reverse IC

15- Overhead Press in Squat IC

15- Cherry Pickers IC

The Thang

Started the song “Bring Sally Up” and had PAX go in a Merkin position…. the lyrics of the song explained the set of exercises.. Up and Down.. lots of growning and moaning going on. Great push gentlemen- this is never an easy one!

Directed PAX to partner up and grab a coupon. Moseyed over to the back stop of baseball field and advised that goal was that not to put down the coupon until we returned them to the pile after

300 2ct. Flutters; partner runs around outside perimeter of field w/ coupon. At the end of this set, I saw Pikachu and EarlyBird have a full on sprint race coming around 3rd base. When the freight train is coming, get off the tracks! 🙂

150 Curls;  partner runs outside perimeter of field

300 Squats- butt hits bench while partner funs outside perimeter of field w/ coupon

Mosey back to coupon pile with your partner to return coupons and return to COT.


Plank to the song “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins (5mins and 35 seconds!!)- Another fun one- discussed 5 principles of F3 and went through announcements to hide the pain of the set.

PAX Choice:

30 Penguins IC- O’Douls

2 minutes of stretching




Announcements during Plank set exercise- Freed-to-Bleeed on May 12th, May VQ- Hedgehog and discussed the 3 others for June (Killington, Bikini Wax, & Sprinkles), Human Trafficking/Slavery F3 Wilmington fundraiser initiative.

YHC prayed us out

As always, it was truly an honor to lead these HIMs. Thanks for all of the mumble chatter today and I love how each PAX is getting better with each beatdown! The energy at Catapult is unbelieveable!


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