Bring Your Block to Work Day

Bring Your Block to Work Day

Workout Date:





O'Doul's, Pikachu, Candy Cane, Crabs, Kiwi, First Base, Crop Duster, Rousey, Texas Ranger, Humpback, Rocky Top

The Thang:

My AOQ scheduled me for this Q because he knew I was the HIM to handle the earlier start time of 5:15.

Conditions- 82 degrees, 100% humidity feels like 96 degrees

1 minute warning

Can’t sue me, F3, or CFCC

I almost nailed the mission statement and of course Pikachu pointed out that I didn’t.


Warm up-

15 Hairy rockettes in cadence

20 Tempo squats in cadence

22 merkins

15 Little baby arm circles in cadence

15 LBCs in reverse in cadence

15 Cherry pickers in cadence


We took a nice mosey around the parking lot and baseball fields to the block pile.  I told half of the guys to get a small block and half guys get large block

I gave instructions for the DORA workout. While one Pax is getting to know his cinder block, his partner Pax is running while rifle carrying his smaller block across the parking lot and back.

Modifier- if you can’t rifle carry any longer, just carry your block. Leave no block behind.

150 curls

150 overhead presses

150 block squats

100 block merkins

100 curls

100 overhead presses

100 block squats

75 merkins

We returned our coupons to the block pile. Pikachu made a comment as to how awesome my music taste is which was surprising because I played mostly The Dead, Widespread Panic, and Sturgill Simpson and I totally had him pegged for more of Taylor Swift or possibly even Madonna because of his age, kind of guy. It just goes to show guys, don’t judge a Pax by his cover.

We had time for a little Mary because if O’Doul’s wasn’t on Carolina Forest Blvd by 6AM he was going to turn into a pumpkin. 15 each cadence count of LBCs, right pretzel crunch and left pretzel crunch.

Prayer requests- Ray Winters family on his passing from Covid, our Catapult brother Hedgehog and his 2.0’s who were under the weather, and the children and teachers as they return to school.

Prayed us out

Great seeing Rocky Top out as he was getting swole to deal with his high school students and Texas Ranger coming out to Catapult. He must be getting old.

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