Buckets of Fun Post Rona

Buckets of Fun Post Rona

Workout Date:



Rousey (1 x R)


Kiwi (1 x R), Hot Tub (1 x R), Luigi, Rubber, CandyCane, SingleBarrel, Burgundy (south), Sunshine, ERC, HoJo, O'Douls (#CP AOQ), Beefsteak (#BS AOQ), Quaker (1 x R; 1st F Q), King James (Rousey's 2.0) and Rousey

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 60s, slightly humid, rainy (but not at the time of the workout), but overall nice for an outdoor beatdown!  We’ll get to the sweltering SC summer months of July-August-September soon enough!

YHC (QIC)’s turn to lead the #BombSquad (BS) #HIM.  Conceptually YHC wanted to bring back the bucket – a handle-less plastic bucket filled with 50# of sand and 30# paver stone (for scalability) – to incorporate into the beatdown.  YHC had to discontinue the use of shared #coupons during the height of Rona.  Also available as a modifier was a 50# sandbag.  YHC figured that these would be #crowdpleasers…and they did not disappoint!

13 other Pax showed up…several pre-ran with some starting at Early Riser Diner (4 miles away).  Welcome to F3,  mission, and disclaimer.  Warm up with the usual suspect of exercises IC and OYO including 22 Merkins.  Warm ups completed, Pax moseyed to the CFCC ball field concession stand (stopping by the #coupon pile for a cinderblock), was greeted by the long lost bucket that they had missed, and then the real fun began…



Circuit 1: Partner 1 does Merkins while P2 runs the short parking lot loop, switches exercises with P1, RR until total number of Merkins is 100.

Circuit 2: Same format as above, but with 200 LBCs.

Circuit 3: Same, but with 300 Squats.

Enter the 75# bucket.  PAX also took turns walking the bucket around the parking lot loop (modifying as necessary) during the circuit greatly adding to the suck factor.

SEGMENT 2: Modified DORA 1-2-3

Same protocols as above including bucket or sandbag carry, but with 75 Thrusters, 150 Curls and 225 4-ct. Flutter Kicks.

SEGMENT 3: MARY: Everyone got a turn to lead a 5 – 10 rep. exercise…where some took longer to explain than leading the actual exercise — lol.  YHC wanted to leave ample time for the next segment that we all need, but often shortchange.

SEGMENT 4: COOL DOWN: QIC had Beefsteak lead us through 5 minutes of stretching and mobility.


COR – 15
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  F3GS 6th year convergence 6/12 at 0700 (all AOs except Warthog closed), Fayetteville Spartan 6/28 (so far its Quaker, Kiwi, and YHC w/ others considering it), F3ENC CSAUP Sasquatch 7/31, 2021 summer 2.0 workout have started on Tuesday (awesome job guys!), and more.

NMMS: Strong work today!  The bucket work was brutal especially for the newbies…but nobody “grey-manned” the extra work.  The bucket is a staple obstacle at Spartan races.  Step up to support your AO and Q…then look at taking the Q at another AO!  Great job getting 1% better!  Keep EHing…we had our strongest FNG number in over a year last month.  9 at Coffeteria.

Honor to lead!



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