Burpie Monday

Burpie Monday

Workout Date:





Karma, Surf N Turf, Bubbles, bob the builder and Humpback

The Thang:

So we left the COP and moseyed to the park by the library on surfside Dr but not before we stopped ten times along the way to do a total of 100 burpies. When we got to the park we grabbed a table and did 30 dips, 30 carolina dry docks, and 30 diamond merkins. We then partnered up (except Bubbles) for some dora. Each pair did 100 flutter kicks, 100 big boy’s and 200 LBC’s while the partner ran the loop. We then indian ran back to the flag arriving at 0643. We spent the last 2 minutes in low plank. No doubt we all got better. You should have been there. Back to work, guys. Have a great afternoon!

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