…but, you’re gonna have a great time!!!

…but, you’re gonna have a great time!!!

Workout Date:





Sade', Beefsteak, Kiwi (1xR), Boxcar, Single Barrel, ERC, Bling, Valvano (#EM AOQ), Spork (#BS AOQ), Penelope (Co-ComZ Q) and Quaker (1st F Q 1xR)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 30s, dark and gloomy, but dry.

YHC (QIC)’s turn to lead the #BombSquad (BS) #HIM this morning.  Today was going to be a blast as the plan involved ruck training to ready the F3 GS Pax for the 2021-GrowRuck-SC #22 (GR22).  The #weinke would include a “welcome party” and a short movement (apx. 2 miles) w/ partners and #coupons… and sprinkling in some Cadre acting for realism and teachable moments.  Headgear and YHC met up the evening prior to secure extra rucks, weight vests, and a sand bag…t-claps to him for going the extra mile to make sure the Pax were equipped!

YHC wasn’t sure of the numbers given Headgear’s birthday Q at #Warthog as well as the draw of the other AOs.  However, 2 Pax became 4, then 6, 3 more #HIM getting a pre-ruck from PL, ERC rolling in as usual fashionably late, and then (not be outdone) Sade’ rounded us out at 12 (showing up during warm ups).

Warm Up:  IC 15-20 reps of SSHs, TTTs, WMs, Tempo Squats, and LBACs CCW/CW.

  1. WELCOME PARTY: Pax then rucked up and moseyed to the large CFCC parking lot for instructions.
    • Bear With Me (BWM) circuit compliments of Ruck.Beer (who has a great free ruck training guide).  On the left side of the parking lot, Pax would bearcrawl (BC) (w/ ruck on) 10 yards and do 20 reps of 1 exercise (w/ ruck) that were Merkins, (then back 10Y) Squats, (10Y) 4 ct. Flutter Kicks (w/ ruck overhead), (10Y) Curls and (10Y) 4 ct. Mountain Climbers (MC).  10 yards of BC in between each 20 rep. exercise.  2 painful rounds.  Instructions were very clear, yet during the circuit a few Pax asked about 2 ct. vs 4 ct….QIC now Cadre didn’t answer back.
  2. MOVEMENT: Mosey back to COT.  QIC then had Pax partner up (newer rucker w/ veteran) directed them to get a #coupon (we had 3 sandbags – 60, 50 and 40 #)…and if there were no bags left to get a full-size cinderblock.
    • QIC/Cadre directed Pax to ruck to take a right out of CFCC parking lot to CF Blvd. to the neighboring apartments and go in the back way of Avalon neighborhood for apx. 1 mile (with the plan to then turn around).
    • Cadre told Pax to stay together, but keep a 6′ distance re: CV-19.
    • Pax transferred #coupons as necessary and changed type every 1/4 mile.
    • QIC endeavored to keep the Pax moving a fast pace so that we could get back before 0700.  This often resulted in nudging the Pax to speed up, catch up or slow down.  While not the best formation at times, Pax experienced “the suck” of having to get from point A to point B with a tight time frame moving heavy objects.


COR – 12
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  #Freedtobleed, #P200, and of course #GR22.

NMMS 1: Great work this morning!  Glad to see Pax that YHC has not seen in awhile.  Way to get out of your comfort zone and try rucking that improves functional strength, leadership and teamwork!


  • Spork – is “in” for #GR22 and is adding in ruck training to his weekly workout regimen to be ready.
  • Kiwi – SC for #GR22 and is an experienced rucker and inspiration.
  • Quaker – SC as well and made the BWM circuit look easy.
  • Beefsteak – Also made the BWM circuit look easy and is #BS new AOQ (as of 2/14).
  • Sade’ – Asked a lot of #GR questions, can handle it and “needs” to register soon.
  • ERC – Beast who was quiet in the back of the group who would do burpees during coupon transfers – lol.
  • Single Barrel – Kept up fine, had a ruck with no hip belt and was continually peppered by his weight during the BWM BC and MCs (we have all been there – lol).
  • Penelope – Also kept up just fine with BWM and the weighted miles, but should have known better to bring his hip belt and paid the price.  Go sign up brother.
  • Boxcar – Veteran (50 mile Star Course) who handled the Welcome Party and Movement just fine plus pre-rucked.
  • Valvano – Veteran that can turn the jets on for a blistering pace who also pre-rucked.
  • Bling – Veteran, human fork lift and pre-rucked who during COT gave the Pax training points, lessons learned from previous events, anecdotes, warnings, but then ended (with Pax now a bit trepid) with a hearty “…but, you’re gonna have a great time!!”  That’s why YHC signed up…to #accelerate and help my fellow brothers #accelerate…a rare opportunity to really do this right…go sign up!  #GR22.

Honor to lead!




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