Casual Friday at the Village

Casual Friday at the Village

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Hamburglar, Headgear

The Thang:

AO: Village

Conditions: 50s and clear

Seems like a bunch of PAX are out either due to illness or injury. Wasnt sure how many I could expect today, but was glad to see/follow Headgear’s giant truck into the parking lot this morning. Of course, the man, the myth, the podcaster was already in the parking lot and getting ready to go.  Held out for a couple more stragglers, but we didn’t get any takers. No problem as this was a beast of a crew to try and keep up with today.

1 minute warning





15 Windmills IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

22 Merkins OYO

Mosey around the perimeter of the AO, finish at the basketball court


Since we only had 3, we did it as a group. The pair that ended up going together would count the lower amount of reps (since I paired with Hamburglar… that basically meant mine)


  • Partner 1 – Squats
  • Partner 2 – Sprint to half court, bear crawl back
  • Flip Flop


  • Partner 1 – Merkins
  • Partner 2 – Half and end line suicides
  • Flip Flop


  • Partner 1 – LBC
  • Partner 2 – Lap around the building
  • Flip Flop

Mosey to the coupon pile


Each round would consist of 2 exercises or an exercise and a hold. We would start by doing one exercise for a 10 reps together and then a 10 count hold of the second exercise. First exercise for a 9 reps and then 9 count hold of exercise 2, all the way down to 1 rep/1 count. Then mosey lap around the parking lot.

Round 1: Curls, Hold coupons at 90 deg

Round 2: Squats, Hold Al Gore with or without coupon

Round 3: Merkins, Hold Plank (started running out of time so we had to cut this one short)

5 Min. of Mary: 

2 Rounds of Pax Choice:

Headgear – Flutter kicks and… flutter kicks (love the creativity)

Hamburglar – Hatchling sit ups and Freddie Mercury

Texas Ranger – Pretzel Crunch and Heel Touches

15 BBSU to finish



Count-O-Rama: 3


Announcements: Grow Ruck is coming, a bunch of training sessions available. Freed to Bleed. Every Pax should work on EH’ing 1 guy a month. (Note there is a new guy at work for me, but he keeps being a baby about coming out. Any tips/tricks for EHing are welcome). Hamburglar is issuing a challenge to EVERY PAX: February Iron Flag Challenge – 20 workouts in 28 days. You get this done and you get to sign the coveted Iron Flag… can we sign it twice if we are on it already?? Additionally there may be some SWAG for the finishers if they can get this done. Hamburglar also has a new podcast out for those that like or maybe dont like to see his crazy FB Live videos. First episode dropped the other day with the Nantan and it was a great listen!

Prayer requests: Health for fellow pax.


Honor to lead.

– Texas Ranger

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