Catapult – AMRAP X 2

Catapult – AMRAP X 2

Workout Date:





O’Douls (AOQ), Candy Cane, Hojo, Box Car, Skimmer (Respect), Lombardi, Kiwi(Respect)

The Thang:

Conditions:  Record Cold for May – 49 degrees, clear, north wind – perfect

Initially, I thought to have a tour of the AO with pain stations throughout after Rousey’s Valley of Juarez that was fairly stationary. Then I remembered the last time I had the Q that was what was done for some of the newer members of Catapult and I did not want to repeat – unfortunately since they all fartsacked it would not have made a difference but the Q was planned and I had decided on something I had not done before.

Many of those participating had been # HIM and donated blood for those in need the day before (unfortunately for me – my blood pressure had been higher than normal and I was unable to participate – but I will make it up here in the next couple of days) so given that many were still a pint low and that can kind of knock you down the next day I planned an AMRAP workout that was for HIM to do at whatever pace they could push.

I minute warning

Disclaimer, Mission of F3


Harry Rockettes  X 15 –  Prior to everyone being offended about everything (it seems) there was a movie called “White Men Can’t Jump” Well evidently any rhythm I had in my younger days has left me because I can’t seem to cadence HR, IW, or HB very well which always gives everyone a early morning laugh and causes Hojo to say white man Qing – oh well one of these days I’ll get the hang of these.

TTT X 20

Windmills X 10

Tempo Squats X 15



Seal Claps X 15

Overhead Claps X 15 – Recover

SSH X 15

The Thang

Mosey around the church and baseball fields and to the coupon pile.  Then over to the large parking lot.

AMRAP X 2  – Four Rounds

AMRAP – Station 1 – Blocks

Sets of 25 – performing three of four exercises – Curls for Girls, ( Tri-ext, Bent over Rows – one or the other PAX Choice), Overhead Presses

Mosey across the parking lot

AMRAP Station 2 – Legs

Sets of 25 – Performing three of four exercises – Bobby Hurleys, Plank Jacks, Squats, High knees

Four total rounds completed – 600 total reps – all got better.

Slow Mosey back to coupon pile with a little side work put in to straighten up the pile that it looked like kids had been in again.

Finish with two rounds of Mary

Kiwi IC – Flutters X 25

Skimmer IC – Heels to the Heaven X 15



Count – O – Rama – 7

Name – O – Rama

Announcements: Four count them FOUR – VQs coming up – great work by AOQ O’Douls to bring these men on board – One coming up in May – Hedgehog May 25 and three in June – Killington (June 10), Bikini Wax (June 15), Sprinkles (June 29) – come out and support these new men as they take the lead.

Prayer Request: Boxcar’s Mom – Sandy and my son Will trying to get started with possible new job at Nacho Hippo NMB – server  and unspoken prayers as well

BOM   – Lombardi (always worth it)


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