Catapult April Fools

Catapult April Fools

Workout Date:





Hojo, Skimmer, Candy Cane, Bikini Wax, Buffett, Killington, Hedgehog, Kiwi, First Base

The Thang:

Conditions– Warm and cooling down temps 60-55 degrees (brief rain shower)

There has been a lot of mumble chatter this week on the Catapult crew group text with former AOQ and current AOQ on the Q sheet. Great fellowship and synergy continues to flow at this AO, and looking forward to the months ahead.

I gave the one minute warning as 9 other PAXs rolled up, even Hedgehog returned for another beatdown. He says he is hooked!

F3 GS mission and disclaimer variation was discussed

COP (moseying around AO)

25- SSHs IC at COP

15- TTTs IC

10- Windmills IC

10- Merkins IC

20 -IWs IC

15- Hillbillies IC

15- LBACs IC


15- Air Presses in Squat position IC

Back at COP, I went through the exercises in ladder type style, and emphasized that these reps are recommendations and the goals was to push yourself at PAX’s level for 20 minutes straight. Proper form over number of reps was emphasized as well:

1- Mosey to Cross (or 30 SSHs)

2-20 LBCs

3- 15 Merkins

4- 35 Squats

5- 20 Dry Docks

6- 20 SSHs

7- 25 2ct Flutters

8- 20 2ct Mountain Climbers

9- 25 Hello Dollies

10- 25 Lunges

11-  25 Shoulder Taps

12- 12 Catapult Burpees

Mosey around AO and back to COT

(2) 10 counts


15 Freddies IC- O’Douls

5 Box Cutters IC- Buffett

15 Amercian Hammers IC- Skimmer

15 Hello Dollies IC- Kiwi

2 min stretching OYO




Announcements- Jacob Hancher memorial bike ride, Freed to Bleed event/challenge (Great job by Pikachi #HIM), Grow Ruck event, Good Friday Ruck…. discussion about EHing and spreading the F3 word to all.

I prayed us out and wished everyone a Happy Easter and safe travels during spring break

Always an honor to lead gentlemen #ISI #HIM



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