Catapult Hugs it out

Catapult Hugs it out

Workout Date:





Rousey (R(Co 3rd FQ), O’douls, Crabs , Kiwi (R), Sideout(R), Judge Judy, Pikachu(Co 3rd FQ) QIC

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions 50’s and beautiful

So it’s been a while since I’ve led a workout so jumped at the chance when First Base reached out. I threw out that a can of whoop ass was going to insure in the morning so it may have scared a few Pax away or maybe the cooler weather. Crabs said the night before the Plank guys were doing 5k’s before the beatdown and why weren’t the CP guys. And of course First Base calls me out full knowingly he’s not coming today but I still got my pre-run in all by myself. Rousey rolled up on his bike and Judge Judy and Sideout did a post workout mile. 

One Minute warning


15 of Each Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, LBAC F,R, Hilly Billy, SSH

Instructed the Pax to mosey to the Block pile and off to the big parking lot

Told everyone to partner up and one group of three.

Dora on tap and I really like Dora workouts as it pushes you a bit harder when you have some pushing you along.

  1. Partner one does curls (300) of course. Partner two does a bear crawl to the first parking lot line, preform three 360 revolutions, got dizzy and tried to bear crawl back. I laughed every time and really enjoyed that crazy idea. Crabs said this is really stupid. Some pax had to modify this due to shoulder issues which is why it’s all about, but Judge Judy decided he was above the law and do his own thing. Typical judge!
  1. Partner one does Tricep Carolina Dry Docks. (250) These were super fun and a fan favorite. Partner 2 lunged walk with two blocks to the second line of the parking lot and farmer carry back to start. I think it’s great to modify as needed but Pax also can’t get better if they don’t push themselves. Modifiers are if you are I hired not because you don’t want to do it. 

At this point I took a break for the soak talking to the pax and have a love you guys moment when y turned Into everyone hugging it out. Not what I anticipated but shows to the comradery these guys have and open arms to the pax and how tight the group it is. This is why F3 is about. 

  1. Partner one does the Pikachu developed Sand Humper (225) which starts in plank position and is a horizontal squat with your back straight. Do them right and your quads will b.u.r.n. out. Partner 2 does a grip strength block carry with finger tips gripping the center of the cinder block and carry and a farmers carry on the way back. Not many can do this so this got modified to heck due to the weak Pax. Lol. Love you guys!

Rack the blocks and circle up

Count ‘em up 7


Announcements Waiting for details on the Hancher clean up. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Rousey did a great job coordinating the Hancher memorial workouts.

Prayers for Kiwis family and O’douls Family and unspoken