Catapult IPC Week 5

Catapult IPC Week 5

Workout Date:





Brownbag (Respect), Kiwi (Respect), Pikachu, 1st Base, Odouls, Candy Cane, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

Well… Im finally able to sit down and knock out all my backblasts for the week, I especially wanted to write this one since Pikachu wants to steal my moves.  I arrived at the AO about 10 mins early and was the first to show.  As I made my final preparations in the back parking lot, the pax were rolling into the AO.  I gave my disclaimer, and agreed to the rules of no “sprinting” and no “burpees”.  I think that promise was kept.   We were discussing if Kiwi rated Kotters, but we determined he was 1 workout away from it so he was good.. it was at this point we coined the term “FOG” for “Friendly Old Guy” just for Kiwi.. If you guys dont know this HIM i suggest getting to an AO he posts at.  What a great person to be around.

Time to get going…

Warm up

LBAC FWD x 20 IC, RWD x 20 IC, OHP x 20 IC

TTT x 15 IC, Good Mornings x 10 IC, SSH x 20 IC

High Knees x 25 Yds, Butt Kicks x 25 Yds, Lunge Walk x 25 Yds, Toy Soldier x 25 Yds

Karaoke Down and Back 25 yds

Time to GET IT…..


I had each PAX grab (2) Blocks and head to the starting point for an “easy” DORA I planned.

PARTNER UP- 100 Block Incline Abyss Merkins, 200 Squats w/ Block, 300 OHP w/ Block

Heres the Kicker, instead of a normal down and back run i set up a Suicide Course with Cones Spaced every 8 Parking Spots (Approx 72′) apart.  Really turned it up a notch.  After this I think every one was hoping they were done with their block…  HAHA were just getting started…

Grab Both Your Blocks..  Block heavy Suicide.  Carry both blocks down to cone, set them down and return to start.  Run again picking up blocks on way and carry to second cone then return to start.  Run again picking up blocks on way and carry to third cone then return.  Same thing up to last cone, but run all the way back to coupon pile with both Blocks.

After we had about 5 Mins left so headed to Flag for some Mary.   Pax Choice…   Made it through 3 pax then time.

This was a pretty brutal 45 Min workout but i think all really enjoyed it and the variety it presented.  There are so many different variations you can do.  I think Pikachu really enjoyed the Block Incline Abyss Merkins… I want to Patent those.

It was an Honor to get out in front of the Catapult Crew.. TClaps to you guys you did awesome.

Announcements- Freed to Bleed

Prayer Requests- Kiwi’s Son


Great Time Gents.



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