Catapult…Launch #2!

Catapult…Launch #2!

Workout Date:





Hump-Back, Penelope, The Geno, Bling and One-Call

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 50s and ground still a little wet from the previous day’s rain.

YHC/QIC has partnered up with Flop to launch an IR/FNG/Kotter friendly AO to reach what we think is an underserved group of potential & existing (but busted up) #HIM. There have been recent Slack & Twitter posts (ex. The one from Cape Fear re: remembering the “6”) and discussions with a broad spectrum of Pax that have supported our theory. The idea is to have a place for those that need a lighter workout to (1) get, (2) or regain, and (3) sustain their “footing” regarding their 1st F/King aspect of their lives and not continually be the “6” or always “modifying.”

Today was launch week workout #2; we had 6 on Tuesday with an outstanding Q from Flop!  YHC wanted to roll out a #weinke that will hopefully be one of his “go to” for this AO that incorporates a multitude of goals (ex. light in intensity level; recovery level for regular in-shape Pax, increase mobility & flexibility for all), scalable, and fresh. Rucking would be the base (as it involves low impact walking with scalable resistance) combined with plentiful & diverse amounts of #coupons at the AO readily accessible (ex. paver stones, logs, tires and pallets… again scalable to Pax fitness level).  Enough yakity yak, here is what went down in the gloom this morning…

4 Pax including YHC arrived to the AO; One-Call and Bling were coming in hot as they were rucking from their neighborhood to the AO (apx. 2.5 miles with my long lost rucker pack). Figuring that the 2 EC ruckers would already be warmed up, QIC explained to the group the overall plan and all jumped into the catapult!

Welcome to F3, mission, and disclaimer.

Warm Up:
IC 15 – 20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Windmills, and Imperial Walkers.
IC 25 reps. of LBACs forwards & back and overhead presses.


SEGMENT 1: 2 Loops

Pair up; 1 with a ruck & 1 with a #coupon (paver stone).
As a group, 1 lap (walk) around the large church campus loop (apx. .33 mile) to get a feel for the ruck and the coupon weight. Stop and swap out rucks and coupon and do another loop. On the second loop, pairs could stop by the #coupon pile and add/subtract weight or change out to totally different #coupon (ex. log).  The Geno swapped his out for a log!

SEGMENT 2: Pick 4 (at SF/COP)

QIC chose 4 exercises (core heavy) that Pax could do with/without weight, 45 seconds per exercise with 7 – 8 seconds of rest in between. The exercises were:

  1. Plank (YHC planked with the paver stone on his back).
  2. Curls (with paver stone or ruck).
  3. Flutter Kicks (with paver stone, ruck or no extra resistance).  Penelope powered through one-legged!
  4. Squats (with paver stone, ruck or no extra resistance).

SEGMENT 3: 1 Loop

Pair up with same Pax; 1 with a ruck & 1 with a #coupon (paver stone).
As a group, 1 lap (walk) around same loop. Again pairs could stop by the #coupon pile and add/subtract weight or change out to totally different #coupon (ex. log). #scalable and #diverse.

SEGMENT 4: Ring of Fire (Flutter Kicks)

Circle up. Each Pax would count IC 5 4-ct. Flutter Kicks (with paver stone, ruck or no extra resistance) all the way around the circle. Tough, but QIC felt we had not made our mark. So, one more continuous round!  Hump-Back grinded his out!

SEGMENT 5: Mobility

QIC led Pax in a series of mobility & stretching exercises for the whole body. All agreed that we need more of this! QIC endeavors to have this component in all of his #weinkes as this one of the main building blocks of good fitness.


Count-O-Rama 6
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by One-Call.

Announcements: Merkin challenge; Q-Source well underway; check out F3 Grandstrand’s website, Slack channels and Tweets for all manner of news, 1st F challenges and initiatives and 2nd & 3rd F events and opportunities — get plugged in!

NMMS: As always honor to Q and thanks for allowing me to try out a new #weinke for this new AO concept!

NMMS 2: As with most things…a phone call or text to a person who you think would benefit from #Catapult is the most effective way to EH! Please make those calls today…thanks! I have a few guys in mind…and am expecting a sizable and steady group #shieldlocking this time next year.  



“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28 – 30.

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