Catapult – Trap Trap Trapezoid

Catapult – Trap Trap Trapezoid

Workout Date:



Kiwi (respect)


Scuba Steve, Pikachu, Single Barrel, O’Douls, Hojo, Candy Cane, First Base

The Thang:

Conditions: 80 and Balmy – lightning in the distance had Pikachu a little jumpy but the rest of us were feeling ripe for a beat down.  I had rolled around in bed trying to think of how to change things up a little and still live up to the high expectations that had been set Tuesday by First Base on his VQ.  Having spent time playing Rugby on the soft grass fields of New Zealand I was ready to get off the pavement and onto what is really a great grass pitch at CFCC.  I have been out sick and DR for last couple of weeks prior to First Base’s VQ which was a nice beat down so I wanted to stay on par.

Little warm up music with Morgan Wallen had Pikachu crying for his normal rock but again trying to change things up.

5:30 oops watching single barrel cruising in at 5:29 I missed my one minute warning and jumped in head first (literally) with the

Mission Statement, F3 Principles and Disclaimer


Windmills X15


Kiwi Batwings X15 (See below)



Seal Claps

Overhead Claps


Tempo Squats x15

The Thang

Mosey to coupon pile with a request for all men to get a a coupon that was comparable to the size of their (well you get the drift) not a small block in the bunch! (Ha Ha –  joke was on me I found out)

This group is not a bunch of big talkers like some Qs we all know but they are ready to get to work.  I had set up a trapezoid configuration (if you don’t know what a trapezoid is google it or go back to geometry 101) using much of the field and we started as follows:

We would visit four cones set up in a trapezoid shape and do four rounds of exercises starting with 30s, 20s, 10s, 5s.

Cone 1 – Block work

Curls, Teri-Extensions, overhead presses – 30 each first

Long side mosey

Cone 2 – Mary

Sweat Dollies (hello dolly with arms making snow angel movement)


Crunchy Frogs

Short side bear crawl

Cone 3 – leg work

Bobby Hurleys


Mountain climbers

Long side Mosey

Cone 4 – variety


Carolina Dry Docks

Shoulder taps

Short Side – Alligator Merkins (these are ass kickers) and/or bear crawl back to starting cone for round 2, 3, and 4 added much to the pleasure of Candy Cane who always wants value for his time and good on him for the push – Catapult Iron Pax Candidate for sure.


Count – O – Rama = 8

name – o – Rama

Announcements – Iron Pax – Pikachu, Rousey, Candy Cane, First Base signed up already – this will be our Tuesday work out in September for Catapult and we will modify as necessary – Pikachu encouraged all to give it their best and sign up.

Freed to Bleed – October 30th sign up and give blood from 12:00 – 5:00 PM at Carolina Forest Community Center – Thanks to Bling and all who set this up. – Got signed up yesterday.

Prayer Requests prayed for teachers, kids, all families represented, my son – Will and (Charlie Soto) Headgear’s teen daughter specifically and for all the teens and college kids out there struggling to find normalcy in these strange times.

Always Always honored to lead

Stay Safe – KIWI



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