Championship Madness! Q vs Q

Championship Madness! Q vs Q

Workout Date:



Vitamin D and Quaker


Ralph Lauren; One Call; Red Coat, Brownbag; Buffett; Rousey; The Intern; Boxcar; Skidmark; Hamburlar; Headgear; Rubber; Humpback; Vitamin D (QIC); Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 64 degrees, foggy


YHC spent some time on the website the night prior to the beatdown looking for some championship themed exercises in honor of the conclusion of March Madness and Texas Ranger’s Texas Tech team! YHC also brought his “basketball” back for more drills…

YHC then arrived early and set out some pallets for a friendly team competition.  While Quaker and Buffett peeled out to pre-game and finish off some Kegs!


Coin Flip/RockPaperSissors – Vitamin D – Chose 2nd & 4th Rounds . . . Quaker took 1st & 3rd Rounds

5:29 – One Minute Warning given by (AOQ)

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer – Given by Skidmark (AOQ)

COP led by Skidmark – 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC Reverse IC


#1 Keg Stands

Quaker had to borrow YHC Ball Maker idea from round 1 of Q vs Q but did make it interesting with Kegs as coupons for 5 reps of assorted exercises.  However the exercises were listed on a Post-it note that needed a magnifying glass to read.



#2 Pallet Push Relay

What better way to start a QvQ than with some actual competition! Given that the AO does not have a basketball court and original hoops were make of peach baskets, YHC translated baskets into their distant cousin Pallets!!  Pax Partnered up with one partner on each team led by YHC and Quaker for a pallet relay around the church.  The basketball was brought along for the ride.  Pax not pushing completed 10 Merkins then sprinted to catch up with the pallet.

Quaker’s team got off to an early lead with his German bobsled training, but he lost steam and YHC caught him at the transition.  The pallets barely stopped moving before the next PAX in line had them smoking and sparking across the parking lot.  Quaker’s team had one extra Pax and before YHC realized this Boxcar came from behind and pushed their pallet across the line.

With plenty of time to spare YHC threw out some Texas Tech trivia.  With a silent burpee penalty if Pax did not come up with the correct answer.  Pax moseyed to coupon pile and retrieved their weapon.

Mascot = Red Raider.

Rally= Guns Up!  =   Colt 45s!

YHC not wanting to give up his leadership called these IC!


#3 Keg Run!

All Pax moseyed with coupons back to the kegs to drop bombs with their least favorite exercise while they ran a lap.  Good Mumble Chatter was had by all!



#4 Nolan Richardsons! 40 minutes of hell! (or 10 min)

Pax partnered up again with one pax back pedaling across the parking lot and then sprinting back while their partner completed Manmakers with the coupon. Plan was for 50 Manmakers total.  Teams would also take turns chest passing our basketball while side-shuffling the length of the “court” and back.

Pax seemed to lose count of the Manmaker’s or 50 is a lot, so YHC audibled to Squats until all teams had a chance to work on their shuffle pass.

Last round of trivia:

Name Virginia’s mascot:

Cavaliers = Calf raises on the coupons (Full ROM- One Call)

Pax circled up and locked arms while standing on coupons.  Calf raises IC x 25.  Some pax including YHC were a little wobbly but no one fell off the block!

Stronger together = Shieldlock


Mosey coupons back to pile and circle up.

Time Called @ 6:16

Count-o-Rama = 15


Announcements: Vote!!

Prayers for Buffett’s Father undergoing surgery on Wednesday and Vit D’s patient who is getting elbow reconstruction today.

YHC prayed us out.


Honor to Q and compete against a role model and true HIM in Quaker!






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