Charleston 6……or 7

Charleston 6……or 7

Workout Date:





One Call, Lombardi, Boxcar, Valvano, Hoser, Headgear

The Thang:

Elevation Monday!!!  No better way to start the week.  Told AOQ (V) that we would be making our return to the Crown Reef stairwell after a year off (apparently Covid spreads faster in the concrete stairs- or at least thats what Fauci tells me on our weekly calls).  SO, as the YOP train pulls out of PL, I finally decide to myself how we will be planning the beatdown.

got there early as Soto and V wanted to punish us more with a 20 minute blitz ruck set- thanks for nothing!

0500- Hoser pulls in- the final cog in our Charleston GoRuck crew for D-Day.  (apparently Headgear has some birthday party he needs to attend- I told him he should simply hire the rodeo midget, but alas, he has responsibilities at home….). the 7 of us ruck and bag up and head to the CR stairwell.  very brief disclaimer so not to upset OC- “no one hurt themselves today please”

Round 1- up the 13 levels and back down- without rucks or bags.  then mosey the 150 yards and back in the parking lot at sea level.  (took 8 minutes)

round 2- up the 13 levels and down with rucks only.  then mosey around to Ocean BLVD and up the ramp and down.  (took another 8 minutes!)

Round 3- up the 13 levels and down with both ruck and 60 bag (brutal).  walk/rest the 150 yards in lot- mosey back to start (this obviously took much longer).  still had plenty of time left, and Valvano came up with a great idea of a “ladder” workout…, we would go back down the ladder

Round 4- up the 13 levels and down with rucks.  very tired legs

Round 5- upon getting down from Round 4- immediately drop rucks and back up and down 1 more time.

grab rucks and bags- walk to Ocean BVLD and back to cars.  Finished 4 minutes early to Valvano’s dismay- OC called him a name I cannot repeat here….  DONE.

took the extra time to hold COT on the beach- absolutely awesome.  went over announcements and prayers.

**This group has been pushing hard the last 2 months with GrowRuck last month, now Charleston D-Day coming up- I expect nothing but 100% from these dudes and they all delivered.  encouragement, chatter, assistance, brotherhood all represented this am.  Those stairs are no joke.


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