#CharlieSoto #Spartan

#CharlieSoto #Spartan

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Bling, Bubbles, Timber, Karma, Hamburglar, Mayhem (RESPECT), Jingles (RESPECT), Valvano, Hoser, Billboard, Weedeater, Flash, Spinal Tap, Lombardi, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Temperature – lovely – mid 70’s
Field conditions – awful and smelly – tons of goose poop

Nothing ticks #CharlieSoto off more than seeing his beloved #Warthog Q sheet open.  Well, maybe 3 things.  1.  Poor form (listen to him attack Geno and Bubbles).  2. GORUCK talk (he has developed an animosity toward this beloved training after the Star Course)  3. Flying insects.  He will freak out if one lands on him.

Anyhow, YHC didn’t want to incur #CharlieSoto’s wrath by allowing an empty SATURDAY Q spot!!!  And since #CharlieSoto was off at the Spartan race with Rousey (gee, wonder who will win that one), I took the spot.  Once the pre-ruck for 5 us, the pre-#JudeeChop beatdown for 3, and the #SaltyGears for 4 was out of the way…it was time for business.  #T-Claps for all these #HIM doing extra work!!!

I figured a Spartan themed beatdown was appropriate since that’s where #CharlieSoto was.

LOADS of coupons and whiteboard set up on the field.

1 minute warning and Disclaimer!

We were being watched by some softball teams and their dads who were secretly envious of our AWESOMENESS
SSH’s x 25 IC
Monkey Humpers (for the crowd!!) x 10 IC
Merkins x 22 single count cadence #22Kills
TTT x 10 IC
IW x 15 IC
Windmill x 12 IC

Mosey to Flag and coupons (blocks, landscaping stones, weight plates, rucks, sandbags, kettlebells)!

Awesome white board in the house which impressed everyone!
30 reps x 10 exercises = 300 – PREPARE FOR GLORY
Image result for 300 movie

Do 10, “rest” somehow (see below), then 10 more, more rest, final 10 – we actually added in another round of rest to keep all together on the 6

  1. Jump Squats
  2. Merkins – some guys put rucks or stones on back, some did abyss
  3. BBSU’s
  4. Lunges (2 count)
  5. Curls with whatever coupon you like
  6. Flutters (4 count) and press a coupon if you want
  7. Slow Squats with a coupon if you would like
  8. Tri Extensions with whatever coupon you like
  9. Crunches (4 count)
  10. Burpees

“Rest” options:
Sandbag carry
Mosey 300%!!!
Farmer Carry
Bear Crawl
OH Ruck hold walk
Wear ruck and just ruck; or mosey with it

EVERYONE was now PREPARED for their GLORY!!!
The #mumblechatter started strong, but slowly died as men got TIRED!


In this movie poster, a bare-chested Sullivan Stapleton in his role as Thermistocles is shown in the midst of battle, his face in combat rage. He carries a shield in his left hand, a bloodied short-sword in his right, and is stabbing downwards at an unseen enemy to the right. In the background floats the movie catch phrase: Seize Your Glory.
DORA – 150 each – partner reps
Side Straddle Hops
Plank Jacks (2 count)
American Hammer (2 count)
Ranger Merkins
Turkish Get-ups and T-Bombs (75 of each) Start in a crab position, feet together under your 6, hands and feet on the ground. IC feet go: 1) Legs straight, feet together 2) Legs straight and spread 3) Feet back together and legs straight 4) Feet together and back under your 6 That is one rep. Don’t let your 6 touch the ground!  Both of these exercises were insane.  So modification allowed to Tricep extensions
Alternating Shoulder Taps (2 count) – most men were on this when time was running…so the final exercise:
Never Cross Dolly Ab exercise , On your 6 just like you’re going to do Dolly’s but your upper body is in the iron cross position the whole time doing Dolly’s. Only your 6 is touching the ground.
We did these together – 25 IC



Some other awesome images if we had time – it’ll come!!!:
Image result for 300 movie

Related image

Now, while this was a brutal beatdown, it was nothing compared to what real Spartans would have to go through.  So, is #CharlieSoto of Spartan decent??  YOU DECIDE!!

  1. Spartans had to prove their fitness even as infants.  Infanticide was a disturbingly common act in the ancient world, but in Sparta this practice was organized and managed by the state.  All Spartan infants were brought before a council of inspectors and examined for physical defects, and those who weren’t up to standards were left to die (height did not matter).  Babies who passed inspection still didn’t have it easy.  To test their constitutions, Spartan infants were often bathed in wine instead of water.  They were also frequently ignored when they cried and commanded never to fear darkness or solitude.  According to Plutarch, these “tough love” parenting techniques were so admired by foreigners that Spartan women were widely sought after for their skill as nurses and nannies.
  2. Spartan children were placed in a military-style education program.  At the age of 7, Spartan boys were removed from their parents’ homes and began the “agoge,” a state-sponsored training regimen designed to mold them into skilled warriors and moral citizens.
  3. Hazing and fighting were encouraged among Spartan children.  To toughen the young warriors and encourage their development as soldiers, instructors and older men would often instigate fights and arguments between trainees.  The agoge was partially designed to help make the youths resistant to hardships like cold, hunger and pain, and boys who showed signs of cowardice or timidity were subject to teasing and violence by peers and superiors alike.
  4. All Spartan men were expected to be lifelong soldiers (financial planners).
  5. Spartan youths were ritualistically beaten and flogged (explains why #CharlieSoto is still into some weird things).
  6. Food was intentionally kept scarce, and poor fitness was cause for ridicule.  When a Spartan man completed the main phase of the agoge at around age 21, he was elected to a “syssitia”—a military-style mess where citizens gathered for public meals. To prepare soldiers for the strain of war and discourage poor fitness, the rations doled out at these communal dining halls were always bland and slightly insufficient.  Spartans were renowned for their devotion to physical fitness and proper diet, and they reserved a special loathing for overweight citizens, who were publicly ridiculed and risked being banished from the city-state.
  7. Spartan men were not allowed to live with their wives until age 30.  The Spartans saw marriage primarily as a means for conceiving new soldiers, and citizens were encouraged to consider the health and fitness of their mate (his M is in FiA) before tying the knot.
  8. Surrender in battle was the ultimate disgrace.  Spartan soldiers were expected to fight without fear and to the last man.  Surrender was viewed as the epitome of cowardice, and warriors who voluntarily laid down their arms were so shamed that they often resorted to suicide.  Even Spartan mothers were known for their do-or-die approach to military campaigns.  Spartan women are said to have sent their sons off to war with a chilling reminder: “Return with your shield or on it.”  (Wonder how that plays out with a Spartan Race Participation Medal?)


Count-O-Rama – 15
Prayer requests for our military and 1st responders and this Country!
Prayer requests for all those traveling to and from MB
Prayer requests unspoken

– What a blast!!  Coming up with creative workouts really makes the guys work hard.  The overall stuff was basic, but getting fired up was great.  Having a crowd was fun too.  Strong Strong work by everyone!!
– Watching “non-ruckers” ruck or carry weight in some way, watching ruckers run, seeing men push themselves in uncomfortable ways just makes us all better!!!
– We all prepared for and seized GLORY!!!  Let us glorify Him through all out actions!!!!
– Everyone definitely looked a bit more like a Spartan after this beatdown!!  Flash of course thought he was looking in a mirror!!!

– Bling has set up another VIP tour at the Twelve33 Distillery!!  7/31, Wednesday at 5:30 SHARP.  12 total allowed.  Get with Bling to sign up ASAP!  Spots go quick!  $25 per again per Abercrombie


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