Choppy Feet- The Sequel

Choppy Feet- The Sequel

Workout Date:





Scuba Steve, Rubber, Brown Bag, Backdraft, Beefsteak, Texas Ranger, Buffet, Skimmer, Rocky Top, El Red Cardo

The Thang:

Conditions:Sunny Mid 70’s nice (if you like that kind of stuff)

YHC was called by the homie Humpback to cover his Q due to illness. YHC hasn’t Q’d at Bomb Squad in months & I was looking forward to providing a beatdown worthy of the strong PAX.


SSH x 20

Merkins x22

IW x 20

Merkins x 22

TTT x 20

ACF x 25

ACR x 20

Mosey to the student center for a round of 11’s

Part 1

Squat to a surrender

Part 2


YHC regretted not bring music but Brownbag & Backdraft provided some a cappella classics that YHC could barely hear over his own labored breathing.

We moseyed to the big parking lot where YHC had set up coupon stations.

One of the things YHC enjoys most about Bomb Squad is the variety of coupons they always incorporate into the beatdowns. YHC has a fondness for heavy things.

Question: How could YHC introduce a fun way to run through the stations with a sense of purpose?

Answer: Choppy Feet!

YHC set up the stations

S1: Bucket Squat

S2: KB Swing

S3: Clubbell Pull Over

S4: KB Overhead Press

S5: KB Deadlift

S6: Star Jumps

S7: KB Snatch

S8: Blockee

8 stations were set up around the parking lot. The 11 PAX gathered in the center of the parking lot & performed Choppy Feet until YHQ yelled “GO”. The PAX would then sprint to the station of their choice. If the stations were occupied the remaining 3 PAX would perform 10 burpees in the center of the parking lot. After the Burpees were done the remaining PAX would come back to the center & get ready for another round of Choppy Feet!

The Catch: The PAX could only do each station once.

YHC ended up in the center for 6 sets of burpees while the PAX destroyed the beatdown.

We moseyed back to the shovel flag for some Mary.

PAX Choice:


Scuba Steve- Merkins -22

Rubber Forearm Plank -90 seconds (Very Hard)

Brown Bag Freddie Mercury-25

Backdraft- Bear Crawl


Announcements & Prayers.


Always a good time at Bomb Squad it was great to see some old friends returning Beefsteak & some new friends Backdraft. The PAX here always push a strong pace & thanks for having me put.



”Choppy Feet!”  Quaker





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