Christmas Eve Eve Morning VWOD at the Safehouse!

Christmas Eve Eve Morning VWOD at the Safehouse!

Workout Date:





C-Span (Philly / #Yeoman 1 x R), Infinity (Capital), 2% (Capital), Rocketman (Capital), Zeus (Capital), Maxime (Pittsburg), WallE (Princeton), and Vit-D (GrandStrand #SH co-AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: Outside weather appeared chilly, frosty and of course dark.  The Pax, however, were staged virtually in their spare bedroom, garage or doomsday bunker sheltered from the elements.

Due to a strict COVID19 prevention posture at YHC’s workplace, YHC along with some other veteran Pax in similar situations decided to relaunch the VAO-VWOD concept as a workout alternative.  YHC partnered with PT machine Vitamin D (who already was doing this with other F3 regions) to co-Q this VAO…the #Safehouse” (SH) was named and that was several months ago.  Now, we have a consistent crew of #HIM (primarily in the EST zone) showing up via Zoom every Wednesday to #getbetter!

YHC-QIC was elated to Q after giving up his Q last week due to injury.  Injuries of all manner have befallen YHC this year, but its 2020 right!  The #weinke was in the HIIT circuit genre…and this morning “ruck friendly” meaning Pax could use rucks and sandbags (if they had them) or just stick with #coupon of their choice.  We’d stay in place and blast out continuous 1-minute AMRAP exercises with a small amount of rest in between.

Enough yakety yak…logged on to Zoom and 8 more faces appeared.  “Usual #SH suspects” like C-Span, WallE, Maxime, and Vit-D and newer faces Infinity, 2%, Rocketman, and Zeus (repping F3 the Capital…a fine crew that is my AO away from my home AO when my travels take me to DC).  Good mornings, one-minute warning, welcome to F3, mission and abbreviated disclaimer!

Warm Up: YHC told the Pax to use round 1 of the HIIT circuit to warm up as well going full speed at end of that round and definitely the subsequent ones.


  1. A circuit of 5 exercises, AMRAP in one-minute w/ 20 seconds of rest-transition, a goal of 4 rounds w/ a bonus 5th round.
  2. Different Exercises for rounds 1 & 3 and 2 & 4.  On round 5, QIC called on 5 Pax to lead us in a 1-minute exercise.
  3. During some of the exercises, QIC told Pax they could modify with a different coupon – ex. Instead of a KB Swing, do a Ruck Swing… instead of Burpee, do a Sandbag Clean.  The goal was to allow Pax (especially those with GORUCK 21 events on the horizon) to PT w/ their gear (if they had it).
  4. Exercises:
    1. HR Merkins    KB or Ruck Swing
    2. Good form LBCs    “”
    3. Weighted or Ruck Squats or Lunges    “”
    4. Flutterkicks w/ #coupon hold overhead    “”
    5. Triple Crush   #Coupon, Ruck or Sandbag Cleans

Round 5: WallE (WW1 Sit Ups), Maxime (straight arm Curls), Infinity (weighted HRR Merkin), Rocketman (Thrusters) and C-Span (The Flying Squirrel aka a crappy Burpee aka a Burpee that may/may not look like YHC’s when fatigued – lol).

Apx. 35 mins. of non-stop HIIT!

We then transitioned into a VCOT/cool down…

COR – 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: spoken (O.F.D., C-Span, Pop Fly, and Pavarotti…and any I missed) and unspoken.  Scripture of the day: Luke 2:14.
VBOM by Vit-D.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  WallE on Q next time (12/30)!

NMMS 1: Strong work this morning!  Loving the camaraderie, resiliency, and friendships being formed as a silver lining to CV-19 that wouldn’t have happened otherwise!  We take care of our 1st F with the opportunities available (ex. gloom, virtual, OYO workouts, etc.) not so that we can showboat, but to be resilient for our families and use that strength to help others.

NMMS 2: While we did manage to do a set of Flying Squirrels (hence forth the mascot exercise of #SH), but  also a ton of GORUCK Flutterkicks w/ OH Ruck hold that edged the former out as #crowdpleaser of the morning!

NMMS 3: #SH HIM, hope you and your families have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Honor to lead!



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