Christmas Festivus

Christmas Festivus

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ) Head Gear (Na-Tan)


YHC, HG, Pikachu & Rousey (3rdf Qs) Spork, Crosstich, Baggage, Spinal Tap, Houdini, Anchor Man, Quaker, High Interest, Handy, Kiwi, Sade (mild kotter), Texas Ranger, Fergie, Zap, Anchor Man, Hamburglar, Beef Steak, Speedbump, Manziel, Rubber, Sunshine, Dough Boy, Candy Cane, Flop, and probably a few more

The Thang:

Last Night on December 3rd we had the F3 Grand Strand Christmas Party/ Holiday Party Festivus. Like last year it was at the Waterway Palms Club House (WWPCH), (Tclaps to Texas Ranger and other WP PAX for arranging that). Food was again provided by High Interest, and Big D’s BBQ Trough, with a kind donation of adult beverages from Grand Strand Brewery by Spiccoli. Food was good, company was ok, and beverages were hosted, and toasted. Ms were out, along with 2.0s all ages and varietals. This year, like last, there was behind the scenes wrangling on whether or not to repeat at WWPCH, with a couple options bandied about, but at the end of the day, last year went alright so we decided on a repeat. If rewriting the same script over and over again works for Disney it has to work for F3!! High Interest stepped up or was voluntold into providing the protein, Kiwi and HG procured the sides, and entertainment was secured courtesy of Spinal Tap, & Houdini (more TCLAPS). Around 6ish sharp, PAX, Ms, and 2.0s started arriving, and filling the hall with the festive cheer this time of year is so famous for. Spinal Tap did a bang up job dropping the beats, Houdini had the 2.0s and sub 40 PAX smiling from ear to ear (as well as Kiwi…his face was worth the price of admission during the show.) Good to see all the PAX come out from Bomb Squad, Plank, Sharknado, and other AOs. Here’s to doubling the amount next year! For those who enjoyed themselves, talk up the festivities to promote some FOMO, and those who didn’t get involved next year to make it better. Any comments, concerns, or suggestions are welcome to help us get better. 2 years in doing the same kind of party, and already thinking of doing it for year 3, so get involved now, to make it better for your fellow pax.

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