Christmas in the North

Christmas in the North

Workout Date:





Malpractice (Rx3), Manziel, Cubby, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Timeshare

Conditions: 54 degrees and clear.  Great morning for a beatdown!

YHC has tried to plan a Timeshare Q followed by Coffeeteria followed by a morning at Low Country Preserve putting holes into targets but it hasn’t worked out.  This time, my M had other plans and I had to rush back to the house immediately after the beatdown.  Also, the F3GS Football league kicked off today with their first every football game of North vs South so Timeshare AOQ ChickenLittle and F3GS WeaselShaker, Weasel, would both be MIA from the beatdown so YHC asked for HCs on Slack with no other response.  Who would show up?  Anyone?  YHC rolled into the AO with less than 10 minutes to spare, then Manziel pulled in followed by Cubby and then Malpractice!  We have ourselves a fire team, so let’s roll!

2 minute warning



SSHs x15 IC

IW x15 IC

Merkins x22

Hillbillies x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC

Let’s mosey to the Avista parking deck.

With a stop along the way to get the party started.

12 days of Christmas – The exercises will stack on each other just like the 12 days of Christmas. We made a stop before the parking deck to start day 1 and then each level of the parking deck would be another exercise.


  1. Turkish Getup
  2. Lunges 

     3.  Peter Parker Merkins

4. 4 count Flutter Kicks

     5. Burpees

     6. Jump Squats

  1. Bonnie Blairs

     8. 8 Count Body Builders

     9. Backward Lunges

  1. SSHs
  2. Merkins
  3. Carolina DryDocks

We used the top deck of this 8 story parking garage for the last 3 exercises.  We enjoyed a quick view of the beautiful sunrise and then ran to the bottom of the deck as quickly as we could, coming back for the 6 and running back down until all were finished.

Mosey back to the AO for a slightly early COT (after confirming with PAX that they wouldn’t feel cheated) so YHC could get back home in time.

Timeshare is a great AO to get a good beatdown in!  It’s also a great place to Q so help ChickenLittle fill the Q sheet!  YHC learned that Malpractice has run 4 marathons and several more half marathons.  YHC noticed his consistent pace during the parking deck work and found that he is an experienced runner. It’s always great to learn more about our fellow brothers while we’re out in the gloom.  Manziel also pointed out that Malpractice is slightly confused since he was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt claiming to be a Buckeye and he proved it by showing his Ohio State t-shirt underneath!  Cubby pointed out that Manziel wasn’t wearing his signature weight vest this morning.  For some reason, YHC carries a reputation of running the PAX and Manziel left the vest behind.  That’s not always true but it’s hard not to want to run around this AO with the beach, an 8 story parking deck and the park nearby!  It was great work by all today!  Sorry I couldn’t stick around for Coffeeteria!  Hope everyone got their money’s worth!

-Headgear out!!!

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