Workout Date:





Borland (DR Raleigh), Crankbait, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 80 and HUMID

Just days after completing the 50+ Mile Ruck known as the Star Course, The Village AOQ Boxcar reached out to our rucking group and asked for some help filling the Q sheet at The Village, knowing YHC would be coming back to ask for reciprocation…and wanting to start making his way around the other AOs, YHC jumped at the opportunity to Q at this AO.  Having only posted there a couple of times, much work needed to be done to create a challenging beatdown.  YHC noted that Crankbait mentioned pull-ups on the playground and Brown Bag mentioned running to the beach which seems to be about 1 mile out and 1 mile back.  2 miles???#HIM at #Warthog would never go for that and all the runners from The Village are hanging out with Quaker at Hulkamania.   After much thought, YHC fell back to a previous workout borrowed from our brothers at F3 Anderson.  This particular workout only includes a few minutes of jump roping but the jump rope is integral to the workout so YHC began amassing a pile of jump ropes thanks to Amazon.

YHC showed up early to the AO at about 0455 only to realize he needed a code to get in the gate so he parked outside and waited for the other PAX to show.  Borland pulls up and confirms he is in the right place with YHC, then proceeds to start stretching in the middle of the street.  Seeing that we are getting close to time, YHC sends texts to BoxCar and BrownBag…BrownBag had reached out the previous evening informing of a trip to Columbia so YHC didn’t expect a response there but what about BoxCar…wait Crankbait pulls up at 0514 and lets us in!

Flag planted.

1 minute…I mean, three minutes past warning.



SSH x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Mosey around the AO w/ the help of Crankbait…watch out for sprinkler heads!

Back to the flag with explanation of Cindy workout with credit to Amp and Skimmer of F3 Anderson for the workout. Funny, first time, YHC was introduced to this, there were only 3 PAX…same as today.

Cindy = 1 minute AQAP 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Deep Squats

Cindy x10

Jump Rope x2 min

SSLBCs (Side to Side LBCs) x2 min

Calf Raises x2 min

Air Presses x2 min

Cindy x5

JR x1 min

SSLBCs x1 min

CRs x1 min

APs x1 min

Cindy x5

JR x1 min

SSLBCs x1 min

CRs x1 min

APs x1 min

Time called.




Dads Camp – Borland is involved in organizing this and has about 400 signed up so far.

2.0 workouts on Tuesdays 6:15PM

CSAUPs – Asheville Spartan 7/27 (Rousey, Headgear), Sasquatch 7/27 (Quaker)

2nd F – Distillery on 7/31.  Contact Bling


for Crankbait’s brother and his family.

For traveling PAX.

Prayers unspoken.


This Q is one YHC likes to fall back to and knows is always tough and challenging. All in all, we did 100 burpees, 200 Merkins and 300 squats…as Crankbait noticed, a version of the Murph when pull up bars are not accessible. We left sweat spots on the pavement that even Jocko would be envious of.  We all questioned who Cindy was and how this miserable workout got named after her.  Was she a…not so nice person?  What did she do to deserve such a brutal workout? Anyway,  it’s great to have some mumble chatter between breaths since the PAX stay together in this workout.  We got to learn that Borland is involved in Dad’s camp which YHC and his 2.0s are looking forward to this year. It will be a new experience for them. YHC was called out because he has automated the workout into the Seconds Pro app which handled most of the Q for him.  What wasn’t mentioned was the awesome playlist the Q put together specifically for this post today. Metallica mixed in with Beastie Boys, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Cowboy Mouth, Pearl Jam and DJ Khaled…what a winner.  YHC plans on continuing to make his way around the other AOs and will continue to modify the playlist.  Next Q will be at Catapult on 7/30.    Be prepared to see more jump roping in the future now that these will be in the truck ready to deploy at a moments notice.  It’s always an honor to serve and lead this great group of HIM!






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