Clear Skies Foggy Brain

Clear Skies Foggy Brain

Workout Date:





Billy Blanks (YHC 2.0), Einstein, Pikachu, Elmers, Crop Duster, Judge Judy, Laces, Crabs, First Base, O'Douls, Hedgehog, Killington, CrossStitch

The Thang:

We had great weather, maybe around 40 degrees, no wind or rain, perfect for a good time. First Base, Billy Blanks, Judge Judy, and YHC did about a 2 mile pre-run, gave the one minute warning, standard disclaimer and encouragement to modify up or down, then begin.

Our warm up consisted of OYO exercises while discussing the mission of F3, which went over about as well as Pikachu’s flatulance later that morning. Though it was rather unorthodox and probably shouldn’t ever be attempted again, there was great discussion around the need for male leadership and servanthood – we are not here for ourselves, but our family and community.

If I were to specify all of the fumbling of words and cadence, it would crash the internet. Suffice to say, the PAX had the patience to complete the following beatdown:


Mosey to cross, 10 slow merkins, 100 rocky balboas, 20 dry docks

Mosey to bleachers, 50 stepups, 20 dips 20 jump squats

Mosey to coupon pile, circle up for all kinds of block work.

Rinse and repeat that full cycle.

Ended with a few Mary’s, stretching, name-o-rama, circle of trust.


I didn’t realize at the moment that I was coming down with some sort of cold, which is a good explanation (or cop-out) for the fatigue and brain fog. Nevertheless, we showed up in the gloom and made the most of it.


Announcements: First Base taking on AOQ duty at Catapult in the upcoming months (which was met with wild excitement), blood drive coming up next month, 2ndF lunch

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