Cold, rain, Parking Deck, Kettlebells!

Cold, rain, Parking Deck, Kettlebells!

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Group led


Mudslide and OneCall

The Thang:

It was cold, wet and raining, so as per standard protocol on #BeachBells days, we moved to the same exact parking deck we always move to to get work done.  For some reason Geno didn’t find us.  Probably because he was in bed rather than “trying to find you guys”.  Since there are only 2 parking decks, it shouldn’t have been hard to find the 2 jacked dudes throwing 1,000’s of lbs of weights around.

Anyhow, great fellowship was had as we did swings, bench, deadlifts, more swings, curls, tris, 1 arm rows, shoulder presses, squats, and more swings.

YHC prayed us out!

Mudslide is an animal!!

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