Come As You Are!

Come As You Are!

Workout Date:





Papyrus (AO regular), Kitten (AOQ) and Cheetah (Kitten's 2.0)

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 50s, dry and slightly cloudy.

Today was YHC/QIC’s second Q at this awesome mission-related AO!  Love taking the life changing principles of F3 to the Pit-Stop (PS) Pax and any on the fence FNGs.  In as much as YHC endeavors to inspire them, they undoubtedly inspire me with their resilience!  I was thinking about what keeps men on the sideline…spectating…and the barriers to posting especially in this context.  Enter the smallest of PS Pax (Cheetah) who arrived on the scene rocking an ensemble of a winter coat, hydration flask (i.e. sippe cup), snappy workout shoes and fleek car-themed pajama pants — come as you are…don’t let the smallest of excuses (like proper workout pants) keep you from getting better!

Hello, welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer.

WARM UP: (led by Kitten)

15 – 20 reps of SSH, TTT, WM, IW, LBAC (F&B), CP, and Overhead Press.

SEGMENT 1: (Number 4 Express)

Pick 4 exercises, delineated them as 4 pain stations with 1 Pax each at each station, AMRAP for 1 minute, then rotate with 20 seconds of rest during transition.  Easy way to get a functional strength and cardio workout in a little less than 20 minutes.  In this case the 2 laps around the small New Directions Men’s Shelter parking lot became our apx. 1 minute timer; exercises as follows:

  1. 2 laps around lot.  QIC had Papyrus do 3 and gave Cheetah a 7.5 lb. weight to carry (training him to be a rucker #ulteriormotive #thedarkside #runningstinks).
  2. Merkins.  That were changed to mountain climbers.
  3. Kettle Bell (40 lb.) swing, deadlift or shrug.  YHC had Kitten do some compound movements (ex. manmaker to a curl to a clean/press) to show him the diverse array of exercises with a bell.
  4. Wall-sit.

SEGMENT 2: We took our time with getting the 3 rounds done.  Time was just about up, but YHC wanted to smoke Kitten with another bell exercise since #1 he is a beast and can handle it (but is low key and humble) and #2 let him finish out the beatdown (that sometimes is a lighter pace) with an #HIM exclamation mark!

Kitten did 75 40lb. KB swings.  YHC originally had him do 50, but he was crushing it at 39.  So what’s 25 more?!  The rest of us did an exercise of our choice.  Kitten (now red lining it) reached 75 swings!  Great job guys!


Count-O-Rama 3 and some change.
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Kitten.

Announcements: Merkin challenge; Q-Source well underway; check out F3 Grandstrand’s website, Slack channels and Tweets for all manner of news, 1st F challenges and initiatives and 2nd & 3rd F events and opportunities — get plugged in!

NMMS: Papyrus: Keep showing up and getting better!  Kitten: BeachBells Fridays 5:15 WH; you passed the initiation!  Cheetah: Keep on coming as you are little man!



So lay down your burdens
Lay down your shame
All who are broken
Lift up your face
Oh wanderer come home
You’re not too far
So lay down your hurt
Lay down your heart
Come as you are

Come as you are.  Crowder

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