Community Beatdown @ Catapult

Community Beatdown @ Catapult

Workout Date:



O'Douls (QIC & Substitute AOQ)


Pikachi, Judge Judy, Crabs, Killington, Lombardi, Geno

The Thang:

Conditions- High 70s and humid. Typical July soupy weather

YHC was back on Q as the Substitute AOQ at Catapult this gloom. I was coming off good momentum of posting at BS Big Monday. I had a little PTSD as I pulled into the parking lot and saw a tinted windowed SUV parked under the lights at the other end of the lot….. Oh wait, it was just Lombardi and Geno…Phew.. We can’t ever be too careful based on our recent mishap at Catapult a few weeks back.

Geno wasn’t aware of what happened, so I walked him through the craziness and missed the 1 minute warning, so I got right into the beatdown.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given quickly.


20 HRs IC

20 IWs

10 Good Mornings IC

10 Willie Mays Hayes IC

20 IWs IC

20 HBs IC

20 Plank Jacks IC

20 Shoulder Taps

15- BACs IC

15- BACs IR IC

15- Chinooks IC

15- Chinooks IR IC

30 SSHs IC

The Thang

Moseyed to the baseball field concession stand. We did the following set of exercises (4 rounds- rinse and repeat):

20 Step Ups

20 Merkins

20 Squats

20 LBCs

Once PAX completed set, they would SSH until each PAX was done. As a group, we then moseyed around entire AO and went on to the next set. The goal here was to stay as a “community” and focus on form over speed. During each mosey, we focused on the second F- fellowship. Strong mumblechatter during the mosey- YHC discussed a devotional I read the night before about the importance of community and groups. YHC discussed how it applies to F3. The other set we told PG kid jokes… i.e. ” why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance- he didn’t have NO Body to go with” 🙂 Obviously, I’m a father of younger 2.0s.

After round 4, we moseyed in the opposite direction back to the COT. As we got to the cross, I informed PAX to “break dance” instead of “jail break” back to COT. Yup, wrong lingo, but most PAX understood.


15-Freddies IC- YHC

15- Iron Maiden Crosses- JJ

15- Box Cs- Lombardi




Announcements- Camp Thunderbird 8/19-8/21, New AO development at New Directions (possibly)

Prayers/Praises- unspoken prayers and praise to Killington and his M on their 19th anniversary today. Cheeers!

Instead of our normal prayer after the COT, I read the devotional from Tony Dungy’s Life Challenges book that I referenced at the top… The focus of the message was that we all seek community, fellowship and we were not meant to tackle life’s challenges alone….. JC did not set up his ministry as the “Lone Ranger”. We all had great mumblechatter about this topic for a solid 5 minutes. While I think this was a bit unorthodox to read the devotional instead of the prayer, it led to some great mumblechatter and discussion. Thanks for letting share PAX!

As always, it was truly an honor to lead. Have a great week.