Complex Compound Coupon Tabata

Complex Compound Coupon Tabata

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Baggage, Crop Duster, Brown Bag (respect), Rousey (respect), Candy Cane, Sunshine, Beefsteak, Texas Ranger, Einstein, Cross Stitch, ERC, Quaker (respect), Humpback, Dough Boy, Drifter, Speedbump (QIC)

The Thang:

-Conditions: cool, dry, humpday. 16 Pax posted setting the bar high for November and earned their first of ten challenge points needed to earn the Novemeber Bombsquad challenge patch.

-The Thang:

  • 5 min warm up (Side Straddle Hops, Squats, Little Baby Arm Circles, Seal Clap, Overhead Clap, Windmill). Then grab blocks and bring them back to the circle.
  • 20 Min Tabata workout consisting of 5 exercises for 1 min each then 15 sec rest. 1 min rest between sets. We completed 2.8 sets [clock malfunctions and tired muscles led to an audible during the last set]. Exercises were as follows:
    • Block Mercans [one Mercan with right hand on block left hand on ground, one with both hands on block, one with right hand on ground and left hand on block, repeat].
    • Block Thrusters.
    • Block Romanian Dead Lifts with bent over row at the bottom.
    • Block Clean and Press.
    • Block Curl/Press/Tri extensions.

Planned to do 5 sets, however YHC was sufficiently smoked after 3 sets and observed a handful of other pax appeared to be as well so we traded the last two sets for an Indian Run around the AO put the blocks back and finished with 8 minutes of Mary.

-Moleskin: Strength focused workout but short rest periods keep the heart rate going. Time based exercises allowed pax to perform at individual max effort. Exercises centered on compound lifts engaging both large muscle groups and stabilizing muscles.

-Announcements: Christmas Party 3 Dec at Waterway Palms clubhouse.

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