Coordination Issues were discovered

Coordination Issues were discovered

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Tandum, O’douls, Crabs, Pikachu QIC Co 3rd FQ

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions 24 Degrees and brisk

Another brisk morning for the Grandstrand. After months of sweltering heat the cold weather is accepted with open arms. It will be so hot in a few months that we will be complaining about the heat. I wanted to bring a new exercise and mix up some inks ones and throw in some we never use for a beatdown. We did learn that Tandum does have a coordination issue. He can’t move opposite hands and feet in like a lizard does. I guess overall it takes some thought for the four legged Animal movement. But non the less modifications we made and we still made it happen. I guess FB non ability to jump rope isn‘r so bad after all.

Quick Disclaimer

Warmup 15 Ea IC Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 10 Ea LBACF, Seal Claps, OHC, LBACR, 15 Ea Hillbilly, SSH

Mosey to large parking lot and avoid the frozen blocks today. We now have to hike through the mud hole to get there to the blocks anyway. Hmmm.

Dora in tap today

Lizard Climbers. Mountain climber but in the MT Climber position and move opposite leg with opposite arm. Kind of like a lizard walks. 

P2 would always mosey to end of parking lot and back 

  1. Originally I had 300 in my head but settled on 100 as these were done in 2CT and not east by any means. I actually used glove here but made my hands colder.
  2. Squat Flutters I originally had 200 but settled on 100. So a squat and four count standing flutter. These were tough.
  3. Squats 200 to finish the 300
  4. Pretzel Crunch 300
  5. Merkins 100
  6. Flutters 100 4CT

Easy walk back to imaginary shovel flag like the old days when we didn’t have a shovel flag. 

Count 4


Announcements: AOQ and Leadership changes coming

Prayers continue to pray for my mom.