Cotter is back…

Cotter is back…

Workout Date:





Bubbles, Manziel, Pikachu, Baggage, Squirt

The Thang:

I haven’t been out much in the last month, knee issues. I’ve been missing the thing that is F3 and what makes me want to come out, the PAX and the mumblechatter. The new month on the challenge so I was inspired.

The one minute warning and no Manziel, he must be hung up in the construction. A slow warm up waiting on our usual warning and we see headlights turn onto Forbus Ct, it is a jeep and Manziel. He gets out and we mosey to the small parking deck.

Three Rounds

15 merkins run up the ramp

20 Squats there

mosey over the the stairs and 30 SSHs (we didn’t do any during the warmup)

Once the six finishes (me), a mosey up the ramp again. We line up for a wall sit while we bear crawl out and plank, we each take a turn and then bear crawl back to the wall sit.

A round of abs, Flutter kicks, big boys, leg raises, LBCs

2 more rounds of the merkins, squats and SSHs

Mosey to the front of Cold Stone Creamery, 11s of step ups and dips on the planters

Back on our six this time i call the cadence for box cutters, hello dollys

Mosey back to the flag

It was great to be back out, get some points on the board and share in the success of the Pax during the challenge. Bubbles lost 25+ lbs he looks better than ever (it hasn’t helped him squat), Pikachu is posting and Qing like a maniac plus is now a runner. Manziel ran a 5k a day for the month. Baggage got his 5K time crushed. We will get Squirt to have his VQ this month, i haven’t told him yet.

I’ll toughen up and get out this month more.