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Hoser, Valvano, Boxcar, Bling, OneCall, Lombardi, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: Cool and Cloudy.  63 degrees, 97% Humidity.

My turn back on Q at WaveRucker.  It’s easy to let the OG Rucker PAX take these Qs but gotta put my contribution in from time to time.  Picked up a subscription to GR SRT with Cadre DS aka LittleSpoon so thought this would be easy by copying a workout over but had to modify the workout a bit.  Best fit was The Snowdrop Workout from the late Cadre Rooney.  Cadre Rooney created the Snowdrop event to raise money to benefit pediatric cancer patients in Wisconsin but he sadly passed away in 2019 from pancreatic cancer.  Cadre Rooney served in the 75th Ranger Regiment 3rd Battalion and left behind 2 young sons.   #RLTW

Modified Snowdrop Workout (To fit with time and AO distances)


Run x400meters (NoRuck) -Originally planned for 800 but the track was wet and the complaining I heard from the PAX was about the equivalent of what I hear from my 2.0s whenever I through a ruck on them.

Mountain Climbers x50 IC (4 Count) – Rt Foot to Rt Hand, Left Foot to Left Hand…yes, this is a Mountain Climber…according to Little Spoon…and my previous experience climbing mountains

Ruck Squats x50 IC

FlutterKicks x50 IC (4 Count) No Ruck

OverheadClaps x50 OYO


Ruck approx x2.5 Miles up Forbus, Left on Farrow, Left on Meyers, Left on Pampas back to Farrow then to explore down Splinter City St then back to Warbird Park


Mountain Climbers x50 IC (4 Count)

Ruck Squats x50


Ruck x1 mile back to GrandLake


FlutterKicks x50 IC (4 Count)

OverheadClaps x50


Ruck x0.5 mile down Farrow Pkwy then left on Forbus Ct back to the AO.





Yes, the track was really wet.  I underestimated the amount of water on and around almost the entire track but never knew the rucking PAX to worry about getting muddy, wet, sandy, etc.  Bling always complains so nothing new there but Lombardi wasn’t having it today.  It was pretty wet so I modified here to 1 lap which also worked well for time.  Hoser took us for a tour down Splinter City St on the Horry County track of land (Not the City) which MBPD uses for training which was cool and I would have loved to continue on but we had work to do.  Overall, had fun this morning with these HIM.

Always an honor

-Headgear out!!!

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