Coupon Free Beatdown

Coupon Free Beatdown

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Sawdust, Single Barrel, Picachu, Sunshine, O'Douls, Early Bird, Skimmer, Spork, Flop

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Weather – Fairly warm for the end of October but pleasant

I jumped on the Q Sheet at Rousey’s request several weeks ago.  I knew that my referee fall season would be finished and it would be a good time to get back out in the gloom.  I have not posted to Catapult in almost a month so I needed time to think up what I would be able to handle physically as the Q.

Bling texted me last night, along with OneCall, his significant other, asking if I could drive them home after Catapult as they were going to jog over to the AO (don’t laugh, they were serious).   I said no problem and then OneCall chimes in that they needed a ride from Warthog not Catapult.  I asked if they were going to run to Warthog (keep dreaming) and OneCall says “NEVER, we can barely make it to Catapult” which is what I was thinking.  So on my drive to the AO I thought I would pass the pair but I did not see them.  I was hoping they didn’t stumble in the construction zone as they did not show for the beatdown.  Now I’m wondering if the Warthog comment was serious (highly doubtful).  Turns out they just fartsacked “The best laid plans of mice and men often goes awry”

When I got to the AO Sunshine and Early Bird were there.  Sunshine asked if “No burpees” was a serious rule at Catapult.  The conversation continued as follows:

Me: I don’t have any planned for today.

Sunshine: I thought I was on Q today.

Early Bird: That’s not what Twitter says.

Sunshine: I don’t pay attention to Twitter.

Me: I’m positive I’m on Q today.

Sunshine: *%#$* I think I’m supposed to be at Timeshare (runs to car to get phone and pull up Q sheet)

Sunshine: @#$*% Yep, Timeshare today and Catapult on Thursday…Anybody have Cubby’s number.  I was happy I got to sleep in today.

Me: Now you can sleep in twice this week.



15x SSH

15x Imperial Walkers

15x Hillbillies

15x LBAC (forward and reverse)

10x Air Press

10x OH Claps

15x TTT

Mosey to Parking Lot

Using the parking space lines Toy Solider to end and 1 squat at each line

On the way back Lunge walk and this time add a squat to every line.

On the curb 20 Toe Touches and 20 calf Raises Rinse and Repeat

20x Hillbillies

20x LBCs

20 Oblique Crunches

20 Pretzel Crunches (10 each side)

Using the parking space lines Bear Crawl to end and 1 Merkin at every line

10 count as we head to baseball fields

20x Bench Dips

20x Incline Merkins

Rinse and repeat

20 LBCs

20 Pretzel Crunches (10 each side)

20 Pretzel Stick Crunches (10 each side)

Back to parking lot for our returning Bear Crawl with Merkin back to the beginning

Mosey to Virtual Flag for Mary


American Hammers

Freddy Mercury

Finish with Stretching

Good to be back and as I write this my legs are very sore.  I hate taking time off but unfortunately it is a necessary evil.


Count a Rama

Name o Rama

Announcements and Prayed us out.

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