Coupons, Accumulation, and Complaining

Coupons, Accumulation, and Complaining

Workout Date:





Cubby, Malpractice, Chicken Little, Quicksand, Hallpass, Weasel, Manziel

The Thang:

Conditions- Am I back in Ohio? 35 and snowing!

I left the house early to make sure I could drive on them country roads, so I arrived at 0530.

Cubby to follow around 0555, then came Malpractice and followed by the others.

Time- 0600 started to workout and see Quicksand flying in on two wheels and no heat in his truck, then receive a text that Weasel was to follow in the drag race.

Gave disclaimer, along with an added note that I won’t be making any friends today with the beatdown.

The parking lot was so wet I didn’t want my gloves to get soaked so warmups consisted of standing up.

SSH- 20

TTT- 15


Imperial Walker- 15

LBAC forward- 15

LBAC reverse- 15

Seal Claps- 15

Toy soldiers to the other end of the parking lot, buttkicks back.

(Weasel is doing donuts into the parking lot)

Everybody grab a coupon, with an added challenge of never sitting down the coupon for the whole workout, que the complaining. *wink* *wink* CL

Cubby grabbed Old Glory for the ride as well!

Mosey on down to the horseshoe for 11’s

Dips with coupon on your lap on one end and step ups on the other.

Fingers are starting to go numb by now, and the complaining continues.

Almost finished and Weasel (who was tardy btw) needed to have a flying Elvis.


We’re finished up and CL grabs Weasel’s coupon, only to have Weasel come out and give him a hard time for grabbing it. Gotta love it!

Now we mosey to everyone’s favorite place, the beach.


Onto the Dora’s

Team up

100 Merkins

200 LBC’s

300 squats

The partner lunges down to a line I drew in the sand, and runs back while his partner completes the excersises.


This really brought to life the phrase, “embrace the suck.”

Snow, sand, wet, coupons, and frozen fingers.

Now back to the AO.

Had 10 minutes left but it felt like an hour.


We can’t quit early so…


5 burpees,


5 burpees,

30 second plank,

5 burpees

5 Merkins (in a round robin fashion while others held the plank)

5 burpees

3 Merkins in same fashion

5 burpees

1 Merkin

5 burpees



Count off 7 #pax

I gave a word from God’s Word from Romans 6:11

Rom 6:11  Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.



Circle of trust

Prayed out

*disclaimer* If there’s no complaining the beatdown isn’t good enough. Thanks for the complaints, I do enjoy them.

For His Glory!

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