Coupons For Your Workout Pleasure

Coupons For Your Workout Pleasure

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The Thang:

I got a call yesterday from Stiff- hey man, you still post at The Republic?

Long pause, well, yes but not lately.

Well I am going tomorrow trying to get the PAX back up.

OK, I will be there.

And that began my return from slackness! I sent out the message via text hoping to get a few more, and got several quick HC. I sent a text to Pert Plus to get on theĀ  sheet since was was out, and got an immediate DONE! He said he had been sick some, and may not make it. I know the feeling brother.

I rode up to a pleasantly cool 72 degrees and saw more than I had heard back from, and was glad to see a great showing. True to our nature, there was no hard time about being out a few weeks, and not being on Q in a month or so. I got us circled up, gave the 1 minute warning, and the disclaimer.

COP- 2, that’s right, 2 burpees then SSH IC, 2 burpees, imperial walkers IC, 2 burpees, TTT IC, 2 burpees, windmills IC, and finish with 2 burpees.

Mosey around the block to see Pert Plus roll in so detour to get him. Then on to the old courthouse.

Main Thang- grab a coupon, dust off the spiders, ants, others creatures and line up across the sidewalk for 3 sets of 30 curls for the girls, overhead presses, then tricep presses. Lunge down a bit and back. Fist PAX out set the bar high by leaving to lunge with the coupon- I had not said one way or another- and the quick question as others finished set 1 was with or without? Well, with the standard set it was WITH.

Mosey around the block- I was nice here and it was WITHOUT! Set 2 was 3 sets of 30 squats, jacks, and skiers. Lunge walk down and back again WITH.

Mosey around the block again and line up for the finale. 3 sets of 10 big boys sit ups, 10 2 count American hammers, and 10 get ups- groans abounded here. Mosey down and back WITHOUT between sets, though some went for extra credit and carried them anyways. A final mosey, re-rack the coupons and mosey back to the SF.

Name-a-rama was completed then announcements. I asked for prayer requests and we lift up Saved by the Bell, whose father passed away yesterday. I also asked for prayer and offered gratitude for my two youngest sons who complete boot camp Friday. I appreciate TAP! I prayed us out and off we went to lead! HONORED!!!

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