Death By Burpees

Death By Burpees

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Sleepy(R), Liberace, Stewie, Karma, Weedeater, SpinalTap, Headgear, Flash(QIC)

The Thang:


Conditions: Cool.  Breezy.  Wet (no rain). 47 degrees. 89% Humidity.

Being a stud and the AOQ at Warthog, I had to put something together that would really test the PAX today.  My name was on the Q sheet so I knew numbers would be light.  It was a little cool out but not as cold as the week has been so I grabbed my shortest pair of shorts (stolen from my nephew) and ran out the door of my beachfront digs.  Got a whistle and a wink from my 89 year old neighbor…yeah!  I still got it!

1 minute warning.  Headgear rolls in followed by SpinalTap.  Sleepy, Liberace, Stewie and Karma have been here for a while.

Warmup – Weedeater racing down Forbus!

SSH x30 IC

IW x20 IC

some other stuff that doesn’t really matter.

mosey to the bridge.

Line the PAX up in a very organized line for a very organized Indian Run for 1.1 miles around the lake.  Weedeater reminded the PAX of his weight at this point and was not looking forward to running.  We hit a good pace, the PAX kept up.  Nothing like the Indian Run fiasco during Humpback’s Q on Thursday…from what I am told. 8:47 on this run.  Not bad.

Line up for another and let’s do this in 8:30.  Collective sigh from the PAX.  Karma shed a few tears and dropped to his knees but got up.  We headed back the opposite way, backtracking,  in a similar manner to when you get to the front of the store but realize you have to go back to the car for your mask.  Karma is crying and falling behind.  Headgear went back for him.  He’s fit as can be and can run for miles but somehow knowing he had to run a second lap around made him fold like a cheap beach chair.  At this point I realize that my hair is so long, it goes past my shorts and that breeze feels really good.  Anyway, lets cut this lap short and bear crawl over the bridge and then backtrack back over for the main event.

Death by Burpees…another collective sigh from the PAX

Minute 1= 1 Burpee, Minute 2= 2 burpees….minute 20= 20 burpees.

PAX were smoked.  Most made it to 11.  I’m a stud so I made it to 17.  PAX are sprawled out across the concrete.

Let’s get up over this bridge and finish our half a lap of Indian Run.

Tears everywhere.  PAX can barely hold it together but they shake it off and we finish up in record time..would have been a 4 minute mile.

Back to the shovel flag.

Everyone is smoked.


Fostering Hope Bike Drive and GoFundMe.  Get a group of PAX to go in on a bike or donate.  Vit D will have more details.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence – Dec 19 BombSquad 0700 to be followed by coffeeteria

Freed to Bleed – Dec 30. 1100-1700. Carolina Forest Rec Center.  It will be tagged iHeart Radio when you search for it.

F3 10 year – Sign up.  Get with BrownBag and let him know if you plan on going or why are aren’t.

Reach out to your fellow PAX.  It’s a tough time of year.  Check on your brothers and get them back out in the gloom.


Great work.

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